PHOTOS, VIDEO: Broken Waterfall Effect Finally Restored at Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT

After being broken for several years, a waterfall effect in the Gran Fiesta Tour at EPCOT has finally been fixed.


The effect is on the left-hand side of the ride, after the first room full of traditional Mexican dolls and decor.


The effect takes place in front of the screen that says “¿dónde está donald?”

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This fix comes in the wake of the now-infamous malfunction of the attraction’s José Carioca audio-animatronic. It’s possible that after restoring José to working order, Disney decided to fix up other issues on the ride as well. This may also just be part of a new initiative to fix long-broken effects, such as a Br’er Rabbit animatronic in Splash Mountain.


Whatever the case, we’re glad to see details like this being refreshed and restored. You can watch a video of Gran Fiesta Tour’s restored waterfall effect below.

  1. I wonder if now maybe they’ll fix the hot air balloons in the Land Pavilion so they rise & fall like they once did

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