PHOTOS: Wires Installed Over Gazebos, Sprinklers In Trees, and Managers with Dogs Present at Flame Tree Barbecue as Disney Finally Fights Bird Problem at Popular Animal Kingdom Restaurant

Almost anyone who has dined at Flame Tree Barbecue in Disney’s Animal Kingdom has noticed an ibis walking around looking for food. It looks like the birds have finally gotten to be too much, as Disney has implemented new prevention efforts to keep the birds out of this seating area.


Wires have been installed around the covered seating areas.


The wires create nets that birds can’t fly through or land on.


The wires could have the added benefit of preventing children from climbing in dangerous areas.


We also saw a bird-hunting dog with a Disney manager.

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Sprinklers have been installed in trees.


More wires had been placed across the small water features in this area.


Though guests and Cast Members alike should not feed animals, it is inevitable that birds in this area will get a hold of food. This means they will keep returning in larger numbers and create a potential danger for both themselves and guests.

What do you think of these bird prevention methods at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

  1. The birds will find dropped food somewhere else. Will hopefully prevent us from cleaning bird poop off the tables and seats before eating. My kids got a kick out of the ibis walking right past us the last time we ate there though.

  2. The only reason I go to Animal Kingdom is to enjoy the animals and the wildlife including the native Florida wildlife…I can’t imagine the park without the ibis and would sorely miss them. I feel that it is unfair to create an environment that invites them and then scare them away. What’s going to be next…the sparrows or the pigeons or the ducks? Where are they going to draw the line?

    1. Birds eating human food makes them susceptible to predators. They are not used to our fatty food and keeps them from flying away. That’s why should never feed birds.

  3. Will need to see how it looks in person. The birds are beautiful when they are by the reflecting pond. It would take away from the beauty of the area if they are completely gone. If people wouldn’t feed them (there are signs stating this) they would not be expecting handouts.

  4. I have been concerned about the ducklings as I have seen people feeding them. all sort of junk food This causes them to get angel wings and then they will no longer be able to fly. What will happen to these birds as it seems like a death sentence.. yet there are no are no signs explaining it to the parents why it is bad to feed them. I told one Dad about it and he acted like I was running his vacation. He became very angry.
    Wouldn’t be a better alternative to offer bird pellets when the chicks are out and people just can’t stop themselves from feeding them?

  5. Many years ago, I was eating at Flame Tree Barbecue. I saw a woman put her meal down on a table and go to fetch something else, maybe utensils. A grackle came and landed on top of her plate. I told her about it but she didn’t do anything about it, maybe fearing she couldn’t get a replacement or her money back. I hope she didn’t get sick!

  6. I was there in July and while eating at the Flame Tree Restaurant we got to witness a boy praying and right after he said amen a white bird came and snatched his food. It is one of the best memories for us there! Let the birds be!

  7. I have seen human visitors feeding the birds…even when they are sitting right by the signs that tell you NOT to…guests who object to these measures should be more upset by the stupid humans.

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