REVIEW: LeFou’s Apple Caramel Churro at Tokyo Disneyland Takes the Prize

Last year when the Oriental Land Company previewed the menus for Tokyo Disneyland’s New Fantasyland expansion, one of the items we were most excited for was the Apple Caramel Churro at the all-new LeFou’s within Belle’s Village! So we finally got to sample the new treat on opening day, and it was just as excellent as we thought it’d be!


LeFou’s is conveniently located right next to La Taverne de Gaston in the Belle’s Village area of Fantasyland. Frankly giving LeFou a churro stand is far better than a strange sing-along.

LeFou’s Apple Caramel Churro – ¥400 ($3.79)


The best part about a popular churro stand is that everything comes out fresh and hot! And no exception for the new Apple Caramel Churro. The wait also was rather reasonable, never breaking 20 minutes even on a full capacity day like today. The churro is dusted with the flavoring, with no other extra accents.


It also comes in this neat and unique LeFou’s wrapper!

And how does it taste? In a word—incredible. While the caramel flavor may not nearly be as pronounced as the apple, the flavor is very sweet and natural, lending itself well to a churro. I felt like “apple cinnamon” would be a more accurate flavor descriptor, since most of the taste is in the apple rather than the caramel. And the best part is that even if some apple sugar falls off the churro, the churro itself seems to also be made with a light apple flavor! My only criticism is that the sugar does seem to fall off the churro rather easily compared to others, but that could be a batch issue rather than the recipe itself.

All in all, I can’t recommend enough that you try LeFou’s Churro at Tokyo Disneyland. Seriously, you won’t regret it! It’s available permanently at LeFou’s in New Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland Terrace.

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