PHOTOS: New Food, Restaurant Details Revealed for New Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland

Who doesn’t love new food items? We’re pretty fond of them here at Tokyo Disney Resort! Menu changes are fairly regular out here, but new restaurants certainly are not. So with the massive reveal of New Fantasyland material, our mouths were left watering at the new food options! Let’s take a deeper look into the upcoming restaurants and some of what they’ll serve!

La Taverne de Gaston

Modeled after Gaston’s tavern from the film, this counter-service restaurant will seat 200 Guests. Adorning the walls will be Gaston’s trophies, as well as a massive portrait of him above the fireplace. Hearty fare preferred by Gaston will be available to Guests here.

French Toast & Cheese Sandwich Set – ¥1140 ($10.46) | Sandwich: ¥740 ($6.88)

Big Bite Croissant Set – ¥1140 ($10.46) | Croissant: ¥740 ($6.88)

Hunter’s Pie Set – ¥1140 ($10.46) | Sandwich: ¥740 ($6.88)

All sets include French fries and a choice of soft drink. I hope Kirin Apple Tea Soda is available!

Berry Cheer – ¥450 ($4.13)

Sweet Gaston – ¥450 ($4.13)

I wonder what flavor this will be? I’m always up for new sweet treats at the parks.


Next door to La Taverne de Gaston is LeFou’s, a snack stop. The headliner item will be an all-new Caramel Apple Churro, at ¥400 ($3.67).

The Big Pop

Adjacent to The Happy Ride with Baymax is Tokyo Disney Resort’s first all-popcorn establishment!

Appropriate to its Tomorrowland surroundings, the shop is themed to outer space. Hanging from the starry ceiling is a huge popcorn chandelier representing the “big bang” that created the universe. Massive windows in and around the facility will allow Guests to view the popcorn being made!

The Big Pop will offer multiple types of popcorn buckets (no word on any new exclusives) as well as three new popcorn flavors that you won’t find anywhere else at Tokyo Disney Resort!

The three new flavors are Cookies & Cream (never before seen at TDR), Caramel & Cheese, and Strawberry Milk! If these are as delicious as they sound (remember, the Hot Cheese Caramel Milk Tea was delicious!), I think I’ll be in line at The Big Pop quite a bit!

There will also be a popcorn wagon within Belle’s Village, but a flavor was not announced at present.

Gosh, I’m starving after combing through those menus and seeing concept pictures! I’m also incredibly happy to see that the wrappers and dishes are themed to their restaurants! That’s something you don’t see as much of these days. If you’re ready to chow down on these New Fantasyland food items, you’ll have to visit Tokyo Disneyland starting April 15th! I know I will be!

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1 year ago

Gaston’s Tavern seems like a copy-paste of the one from MK. But the outer space popcorn place looks fun and creative.