REVIEW: The Land Crusher Pulled Pork Sandwich Spices Things Up at Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT

Arriving at Sunshine Seasons in The Land Pavilion at EPCOT, The Land Crusher is sure to make your mouth water at the sight of this delicious pulled pork sandwich.


On six pieces of Texas toast, an order of The Land Crusher comes with two double-decker sandwich slices topped off with folded pickle skewers for $10.99. It also comes with a bag of Lay’s chips.


The Texas toast is crispy on the outside with a soft middle, and has a buttery flavor that is nicely salted. The pulled pork is a bit spicy, but is also moist, well seasoned, and falls apart nicely. The whole thing is drizzled with a tomato-based barbecue sauce. A slice of cheddar cheese is melted over the pork, adding to the sandwich’s overall flavor. The standard pickle is a good palette cleanser following the slightly spicy sandwich flavoring.

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Overall, the sandwich is a large portion, and a bit greasy, but is absolutely delicious. It is seasoned very well and if you love Texas toast, this is the meal for you!


Since its reopening, Sunshine Seasons has suffered from a lack of dining options on its once-expansive menu. The Land Crusher is a delicious new item that’s sure to appeal to those looking for barbecue who aren’t looking to trek all the way over to Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Will you be heading to Sunshine Seasons to try this new sandwich? Let us know in the comments!