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PHOTOS: Social Distancing Markers Added to Interior of Still-Shuttered Casey’s Corner at the Magic Kingdom

We have seen some evidence that the staff at Magic Kingdom has begun the process for reopening Casey’s Corner.


Deemed by many as the premium place to get a hot dog at Walt Disney World, Casey’s Corner has been closed since the COVID-19 shutdown back in March. This leaves many hot dog lovers scrambling to find hot dogs at Magic Kingdom.


You can find all beef footlongs at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, and now corn dog nuggets at Westward Ho, but everyone knows the number one hot dogs are found at Casey’s Corner. Though Disney has not announced an official reopening date, the social distancing markers have recently appeared here. It seems that Magic Kingdom may be planning for a reopening in the near future.


The experience may not be quite what you were used to before the current pandemic, however just imagine biting into one of Casey’s delicious foot-longs, and all the social distancing and waiting will be worth it.


Soon these doors will be open—are you looking forward to the reopening of Casey’s Corner? Let us know in the comments.

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Ken G
Ken G
1 year ago

Last time we were visiting WDW & MK was in 2014 and we had dogs at Caseys. They were among the worst dogs I’ve had which was disappointing after all the hype about them. I think (but not certain) they may have been using turkey dogs back then (as Disneyland did briefly with their corn dogs) or the standard “wieners” which are a mix of pork on beef. Either way they had that squishy-mushy texture of a low quality hot dog. For me. – a hot dog should always be all-beef and I prefer a natural casing with a “snap”… Read more »

Mark Dixon
Mark Dixon
1 year ago

Lol. The worst hot dogs ever. Even store hot dogs taste better.