Walt Disney World Allowing Guests With a Cancelled or Expired Annual Pass to Purchase a New One

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Walt Disney World Allowing Guests With a Cancelled or Expired Annual Pass to Purchase a New One

With the changes to visiting Walt Disney World, Annual Passes have not been available to purchase. Pre-existing Annual Passholders have been able to renew their passes or cancel them, but not purchase new passes outright. Now Walt Disney World is allowing some previous Annual Passholders to purchase a new pass.

Annual Passholder card

This offer is only available to Annual Passholders whose passes were canceled or expired after March 16th, when Walt Disney World Resort first closed. If you qualify and wish to purchase a new pass, you can call the Annual Passholder support line at 407-WDW-PASS (407-939-7277). You can also visit a Guest Relations location at Walt Disney World.

Cast Members will determine a guest’s eligibility for purchasing a new pass on a case-by-case basis.

Annual Passholders currently get 30% off shopDisney purchases and merchandise at the theme parks.


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9 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Allowing Guests With a Cancelled or Expired Annual Pass to Purchase a New One”

  1. What makes you eligible to do this other than canceling after March? I don’t want to sit on hold for hours only to hear I don’t qualify.

  2. If ur not staying at a Disney hotel and try to make reservations to go to the park you’ll have to wait a couple months to be able to go even if ur a passholder…. Crazyyyy

    • We went twice in the past 3 weeks and did not stay at a Disney hotel. Just made a reservation the day before and went.

  3. Can’t wait until they start allowing the rest of us to buy them!! I was all geared up to purchase my family’s passes for our trip this summer, then they stopped selling them. I am so excited to finally be able to buy them!

  4. This isn’t true, we renewed our APs with no trouble about a month ago. I will say although that we purchased our APs in person at one of the parks.

  5. Has anyone heard when they will start selling NEW annual passes to Florida residents? We just moved down here at the beginning of August and were super disappointed to learn we couldn’t buy our annual passes yet!

  6. I called Disney annual pass line mentioned in this article- they informed me that they have not yet began selling new passes even if you’re pass expired after the park closed. However, they said they are hoping to hear when they will be able to do so soon. Disney world closed on March 16th my pass was originally set to expire on March 21st however with the extension my pass stayed valid into August. They informed me that I could not yet purchase a new pass. Really Looking forward to hear when They will allow new purchases.

    • My pass was set to expire in June 2020. They canceled it with the Covid outbreak. I just went down to the Welcome Center at Disney Springs and explained to them that I have been trying to call for months but with 3 hour wait times I have not been able to reach anyone, and that I would very much like to renew my pass. They renewed it on the spot with no down payment, on the monthly flex pay, and at the renewal price. The cast member commented ge was just happy he could help me bow, as they have only been able to do this, this past month. So if you tried before then, that could be why. Good luck!

  7. Just called to ask about renewal of daughter’s April expired pass. They do have a recovery program. The ticket escalation team will call back to assist with getting her pass activated again since it expired during park closure.

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