Josh D'Amaro in front of Runaway Railway at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Josh D'Amaro turned on the park music in Hollywood Studios this week

Josh D’Amaro Visits Cast Members at Walt Disney World Following Layoffs

A week after he was seen at Downtown Disney District in California, Josh D’Amaro has been spotted the past few days at Walt Disney World. Several Cast Members have posted about meeting him as he visits with them and apologizes following the layoffs of nearly 28,000 Cast Members.

@disneydude_71 saw D’Amaro at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. D’Amaro was promoted from Walt Disney World Resort President to Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products earlier this year and has been known to pose for socially distanced selfies with guests.

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@hipster_pedro said it meant the world to him to meet D’Amaro at Disney’s Animal Kingdom yesterday.

Cast Member Melissa Mangini (@awishonastar) shared her experience meeting D’Amaro after she got off work and visited Magic Kingdom.

  1. It’s always fascinating to see people suck up to someone who makes more money then they’ll see their entire life. People who fired thousands of workers while enjoying a paycheck that large. I’ll never understand people who defend these millionaires. Executives like that could quit their job tomorrow and still never have to work a day afterwards from the money they made.
    I’ll watch people go to bat on twitter for people like Jeff Bezos and just shake my head.
    Why defend the rich when they never defend you?

    1. Seriously? This guy went and personally apologized to cast members. If you knew anything about business management, and how they get paid, then you would understand that it’s not as simple as taking a pay cut and dividing it up for 28, 000 people! He has showed nothing but compassion and remorse for cast members. He GENUINELY is a nice man. The world is just mean right now, and you certainly sound like you are a huge contributer.

      1. Compassion and remorse are really easy when it comes from a person’s mouth.
        That alleged compassion and remorse doesn’t mean much, or anything at all, to 28,000 people and their families.

      1. Sometimes the job of defending yourself isn’t something you can actually do.
        How exactly do you defend yourself after you’ve interned at Disney (essentially worked for free), then worked for the company as a regular cast member for 5 years, and are told that you’re one of the 28K people being let go? The short answer is – you can’t.

  2. Interesting. He is meeting with people at DHS WHICH IS BLOCKED OUT FOR ALL CAST MEMBERS. And he is meeting with cast members who apparently still have jobs.
    How about less meeting and more doing something for the people who have sacrificed their LIVES to work for Disney??

    1. Do you “haters” actually have ANY understanding of what is going on??? He doesn’t have ANY control of what the CEO’s want. This boils down to money…period. If you only have 100 cows, you don’t need 50 Farmers to take care of them. It’s called ECONOMICS! This guy has showed nothing but kindness and remorse. It’s not his fault, and he can do nothing about CEO decisions. There is a board of directors that make these decisions.
      Btw…He EARNED EVERYTHING he has and has achieved. He worked his way up the ranks, went to College, sacrificed many things to get where he is, so before you start slamming people you know NOTHING about, take a look in the mirror.

    2. Hmm…i don’t think people are actually sacrificing their lives but they are making the conscious decision to work in a theme park and exposing themselves to the guests.

      1. Yes, you’d be right, people “are making the conscious decision to work in a theme park and exposing themselves to the guests”, unless of course you were talking about the 28,000 willing to do that but can’t because they’ve been laid off.

  3. That last Tweet was disgustingly cringey. “Such an amazing person”…she literally spelled out the exact reason why he was there. For a photo op and to hear praise about him. He’s a conceited billionaire who doesn’t care about anything but making a quick buck off of other people’s misfortunes. She thinks she’ll actually wear her name tag again. LOL, Disney is never going to rehire these people back. To them, they’re expendable. They’ll cut costs and hire people from Vietnam, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Venezuela, etc for a much less significant wage because to them, even $5 an hour is amazing. Also, she said she got off work to see him. What work, exactly? She implied later on in the tweet that she got laid off by Disney.

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