Over 200 Union Cast Members Recalled for Buena Vista Street Shopping & Dining Reopening at Disney California Adventure

Jessica Figueroa


Over 200 Union Cast Members Recalled for Buena Vista Street Shopping & Dining Reopening at Disney California Adventure

Ahead of the reopening of Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure as a shopping and dining destination—referred to as an “extension” of the Downtown Disney District—over 200 Cast Members from Workers United Local 50 union will be recalled back to work. Details of the recall were published over the weekend by union president Chris Duarte:

Recall from furlough update 10/24,

For the expansion of Downtown Disney into Buena Vista Street over 200 Local 50 members will be recalled back to work. Recall will happen in a few waves. This Monday will begin with trainers, leads, and some heart of house roles that will begin the process of getting the restaurants up and running. Notification will by phone call, but may not be a normal Disneyland 714 area code phone number. If you don’t answer your phone when the company calls they will leave a voice mail for you to return ASAP and will call one more no sooner than 45 minutes later. After that they will move on to the next person in seniority order. Please make sure your voicemail box is able to receive a message. When being contacted for recall members will be notified of the position they will be filling.Recall in each scheduling group will be by job classification (steward, food prep, receiver, etc.) in descending seniority order regardless of location job knowledge. Recall for premium positions, such as leads and trainers, will be in descending seniority order by Full Time conversion dates. For some Carthay Circle roles previous skill and ability requirements may be enforced. A few weeks ago we posted the summary of the recall process and it is pinned to the top of our Facebook page. If you have any questions after you have reviewed please contact us.

In solidarity,

Chris Duarte

Workers United Local 50

Upon reopening, Downtown Disney operations will expand into Disney California Adventure, resuming operations at locations such as Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café, Carthay Circle Lounge, Smokejumpers Grill, and some ODV cart operations.

Check back soon for more details about the special shopping and dining experiences coming later in November to Buena Vista Street!