PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/30/20 (More Construction Walls Added To “it’s a small world”, Tomorrowland Merchandise Cart Reopens, Halloween Sales Abound, and More)

Good morning from a true Fall day here at the Magic Kingdom! We had our first chilly morning here in central Florida this morning, and boy were we excited to break out the longer sleeves! We saw lots of guests happily wearing their Spirit Jerseys today, rather than sweating in them, and it even made us take a longer look at a few still for sale, especially considering that 30% discount for Annual Passholders and 20% discount for Florida Residents. We found some good sales today too, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning!

Magic Kingdom toll plaza refurb

We started off our day by checking in on the progress on the repainting of the Magic Kingdom toll plaza.


Once inside the park we had a few more construction projects to check on. It seems that some sort of screen has been constructed to attempt to block portions of these canopy pieces from view. While we’re not sure why, and the screen was not particularly effective, we’re excited to see what will happen next.


The construction walls surrounding the exit of “it’s a small world” have expanded down the side of the attraction, now blocking the entire queue from entrance to exit. Guests are still queueing on both sides of the wall, with the interior queue still accessible to guests.


Though not technically a construction project, we checked in on the reopening preparations being made at the Spring Roll Cart, and found them one step closer to being able to fulfill our snack dreams. Social distancing queue markers are in place, but the cart still lacks plexiglass barriers.


In Tomorrowland, a cart did reopen—this merchandise cart across from the temporarily unavailable Merchant of Venus. While its stock is largely the same as before the closure, it now has a nice sized selection of face masks available in various sizes.


On our way through the park, we stopped to say hello to our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. Tigger was full of energy as usual, and looked quite dashing in his pirate costume.


We stopped for a snack at the Sunshine Tree Terrace and were told that the popular Headless Horseman Float was unavailable for the rest of the day, but that it would return as soon as supplies could be restocked. We hate waiting, but a float this good is worth waiting for!


We found some pretty exciting sales at the Emporium today, and all a bit earlier than we expected to see them, given that it feels like the Halloween season has just barely begun. Select Halloween and Nightmare Before Christmas pins are on sale for $5.00, regularly $9.99.


This adorable Light Up Treat Bag is on sale for $10.00, regularly $19.99.


Select Halloween and Nightmare Before Christmas mugs are on sale for $15.00, regularly $19.99 or $24.99.


The last of the four sales, and our personal favorite is this one— all Halloween candy is buy one, get one free. That includes these adorable mini Mickey and Minnie pumpkins filled with candy, even though the Mickey pumpkin just arrived in the parks. We are loving these sales!


We found the popular Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke handbags in stock at Memento Mori, the themed shop near the Haunted Mansion attraction. With long lines and long waits in Virtual Queues to get these on Monday when they were released, it’s nice to see these all here so soon for those who were unable to purchase them that day.


We found two Limited Edition pins at Frontier Trading Co, both celebrating specific days coming up. This pin, celebrating National Taco Day on October 4, 2020, features Goofy eating a taco. It retails for $17.99.


The second is in honor of Dia de los Muertos, and we think is one of the prettier pins we’ve seen in a long time. It also retails for $17.99.


Changing gears to a different holiday, we found this fun Christmas ornament featuring Flash from Zootopia wearing a Santa outfit at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. He retails for $22.99.


A bit of an understated fandom piece, this grey Nightmare Before Christmas hat featuring Zero is just the piece for you if you need an unusual holiday hat. We found it at the Emporium, and it retails for $27.99.


We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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Ryan Handshoe
Ryan Handshoe
1 year ago

Those screens blocking the canopy pieces are welding screens. They block the brightness of welding so people looking in that direction don’t damage their eyes. I’m assuming there was some welding taking place directly behind those screens.