Beaches & Cream Staff Costumers, shirts

PHOTOS: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop Debuts New Cast Member Costumes

Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort unveiled new cast member costumes that are a little more subdued than what we’ve come to expect from the colorful eatery.

Beaches & Cream Staff Costumes, shirts

The wonderful cast members were nice enough to strike a pose for us. The collared button-downs feature a subtle blue pinstripe design and bright blue bow tie. They don’t lose the nostalgic, 1950s feel to the ice cream parlor, but they may not stay in your memory like the colorful shirts of the past.

Beaches & Cream Staff Costumes, full body

The shirts are coupled with gray, slitted dress shorts for women and gray slacks for men for all-around casual looks.

The previous costumes were much more colorful. While the women sported a blue blouse and striped skirt combination, men wore white slacks, a striped shirt and suspenders.

What do you think of the cast’s new costumes? Let us know in the comments!

Beaches and Cream staff costumers, angled

While you’re there, make sure to try the new fall-ready Pumpkin Spiced Butter Pecan Shake. It’s sure to sweeten up your day!

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  1. They certainly look more comfortable for the cast members, but they do lose the flair that the old uniforms had. It’s a shame, given they already muted the tones of the restaurant in the refurb, but I suppose not unexpected!

  2. so boring and plain! the normal costumes are so cute, why would they change them :( ?? also now the shirts are so thin I can see through them!

  3. Having just returned from the Beach Club Villas I can say we were largely underwhelmed with the newly refurbished Beaches & Cream as well as the new CM uniforms. We feel like from top to bottom, B&C has lost its identity and charm. They could have enlarged without losing character. Very disappointing.

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