PHOTOS: New Mugs Featuring Marie, Stitch, Dug, and Cheshire Cat Pop Up at Disneyland Resort

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Walk into any World of Disney store, and you’ll be certain to find walls of lovable Disney mugs. The Downtown Disney District location introduced four new adorable mugs featuring films and characters you love. Priced under $20, these mugs are souvenirs that you can purchase without breaking the bank. Let’s look at what the Disneyland shopping destination has to offer.

Marie “Yes I’m Adorable” Mug ‒ $19.99

Who can resist Marie from the feature film The Aristocats? She has no qualms with telling you that she’s adorable. This peach-colored mug features her adorable face on the front and back. The mug handle is a bow matching the one in Marie’s hair, adding to the “cute factor.”


Stitch Sketches Mug ‒ $14.99

The unpredictable Stitch continues to be everyone’s favorite alien. This mug shows sketches of Stitch in various poses. He seems curious and playful in this design, though the last sketch shows him sleeping.


The mug’s interior adds the lone pop of color; it is painted in “Stitch blue.”


Dug “I Have Just Met You And…” Mug ‒ $19.99

Dug from Up appears on this mug. His famous quote, “I have just met you and I love you,” describes what this dog thinks about everyone he meets. The colors reflect his positive mood, making this a wonderful mug to hold your favorite hot beverage in the morning.


Cheshire Cat Sketches Mug ‒ $14.99

Similar to the Stitch mug featured above, this one showcases several sketches of the Cheshire Cat from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. His ever-present smile can delight or even frighten those he meets.


The artwork even depicts the Cheshire Cat disappearing, as he often does in the animated film. Of course, if you want to get your very own Cheshire Cat mug, you’ll need to do so before they disappear, too!


The inside features the Cheshire Cat’s signature pink shade.


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