PHOTOS: Little Progress on Goat Exhibit Construction for Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jambo from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Now that the safari truck has left the site of the future goat exhibit at Kilimanjaro Safaris, we thought we’d see what was new. And what we found was… not much.


The sticks remain in the ground outside the shack, suggesting that landscaping should be happening soon, but so far, we haven’t seen it yet.


The rock work behind the shack seems complete, having been done at the end of September. By the trees to the right of the exhibit, we can see construction equipment covered by netting. This would mean that there’s still work to be done.


When it finally opens, this should be a neat spot to see some goats “kid”ding around. (I’d like to apologize to any goats who may be reading this.)


While it’s possible that this could be listed as a “low priority” project, the progress that’s been made in the last few weeks shows that the exhibit should open sooner rather than later.

Keep reading WDWNT for more updates on this new addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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