PHOTOS, REVIEW: New Pop’s Potion Cocktail at Disney’s Pop Century — Light on Bubble, Heavy on Toil and Trouble

It’s the beginning of the Halloween season but in Walt Disney World, temperatures are still consistently in the 90°s. This is where spooky themes and sweet rum drinks should cross paths, to great effect. But unfortunately for Disney’s Pop Century Resort, their most recent attempt fell flat. We tried the new Pop’s Poison drink from Petals Pool Bar at the resort and were left wanting.


The bright green drink is a new seasonal offering for sipping while lounging by the pool. It’s billed as coconut rum, Midori (melon liqueur), pineapple juice, orange juice, Sprite and Blue Curaçao. It is served with gummy worms hanging off the side and a Poison Apple Glow Cube floating inside, for $16.


Though pleasing to the eye, it was light on spirit. And if there’s one thing a cocktail needs — especially a Halloween cocktail — it’s spirit. The lack of alcohol left it tasting overly sweet and unpleasant.


The glow cube is pretty cool, and has become a collectible item at Walt Disney World with different colors from different locations. This purple glow cube was seen last year in Disney Springs.

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The pool bar by the Hippy Dippy Pool is a favorite with guests, especially after the punishing sun goes down.


Whereas the purple Poison Apple Glow Cube was in short supply last year, it seems they have plenty this year.


Will you try Pop’s Potion at Petals Pool Bar? Let us know in the comments below. For more like this, check out some other Halloween treats that were actually good and don’t miss all the new Halloween merch at Magic Kingdom.