REVIEW: Swizzle Lounge Now Serving “The Director” & “The Chance” Halloween Horror Nights Cocktails at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Another way to celebrate Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort has just screamed for attention. We slipped over to Swizzle Lounge at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort to taste two cocktails that pay tribute to past icons from Halloween Horror Nights through the years. We present to you “The Director” and “The Chance”.

Swizzle Lounge

These beverages may be available at every hotel bar at Universal Orlando Resort, but we chose to make our way to Swizzle Lounge. This bar brings us back to the 1960’s with its retro feel.


The tile and bright, bold colors definitely plays into the retro 60s vibe. Of course, the signs reminding you about health and safety measures bring you back to the present. Though we’d love to, we can’t entirely forget about the pandemic.


Don’t forget social distancing rules. The Swizzle Lounge will remind you, though in a groovy way.


More social distancing warnings. This sofa design begs for up-close socializing, but for the time being, distancing proves to be the safest practice.


After taking a tour of the retro lounge, we ambled up to the bar to order our drinks.


Before we dive right in, we need to warn you that these beverages don’t appear on the regular menu at Swizzle Lounge or any of the other bars where these drinks are sold. Though you can order “The Chance” and “The Director” at any of the hotel bars, you need to look for these video screens to get more information. It is also worth noting that the theme parks don’t serve either of these cocktails.

Also, the Swizzle Lounge only opens on Friday and Saturday, from 4 pm to midnight. Consider a weekend trip if you want to experience this bar.

The Chance – $10.00

 Bacardi Superior rum, Aperol, Sour, lemon, simple syrup, orange bitters, soda


If you’re a longtime fan of Halloween Horror Nights, you may remember that creepy clown named Chance. You might have even seen some of her merchandise in the parks. This beverage plays right into her image with its blood-red coloring.

It was rum forward with a hint of citrus flavor. It was strong, but not particularly well-balanced.

The Director – $10.00

Ketel One vodka, Kahlua, Amaretto, heavy cream


The rather psychotic Paulo Ravinski, a.k.a. The Director, serves as inspiration for this next cocktail. His character is both brutal and iconic for Halloween Horror Nights. However, his cocktail’s flavor goes down gently.


The heavy cream makes this drink deceptively delicious and easy to drink. Some may want to avoid ordering a double, as the regular drink will likely be enough to relax you.

Both The Chance and The Director remain available until November 1. Once Halloween passes, so do both of these beverages. When you find yourself at a Universal Orlando Resort Hotel, look for the video screens that advertise them. If you don’t see one, simply ask the bartender for one of these delicious cocktails.

What do you think about The Chance and The Director? Do you plan to hunt them down during Halloween Horror Nights? Let us know in the comments below.

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