PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Theme Park View Room at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Have you ever wanted to stay in a theme park view room at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa? Perhaps you overlooked booking a room there because of the higher rates. We’re providing this report to help you make an educated decision. We booked a theme park view room at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa so that you could tour it with us.

The room is ready. Let’s get going!


As with many resort rooms, you’ll usually find the bathroom first.

Theme Park View Room – The Bathroom


Located right inside the front door, this room delivers all the amenities that you need to feel refreshed. We first noticed the huge vanity with plenty of space. The large counterspace and the storage area beneath the vanity provides lots of room for use.


The towel hamper seems to be a nice touch, as we don’t find them often at resort hotels. It offers a place to hide the mess of wet towels and washcloths. Besides the space and the hampers, we found ample number of outlets and a nice makeup mirror.


The bathtub appears to be a little small, though elegant.


The shower fixtures are nice enough. All the usual amenities have been laid out for us.


Though intellectual property doesn’t appear anywhere else in the bathroom, we noticed the Mary Poppins songbook cover behind the door. It’s nice to have something to look at while you’re using this room, so the songbook supplied a nice touch.


Look closely at the roll of toilet paper. The detailed Grand Floridian stamp indicates that you’re staying at a deluxe resort.


A nice touch.


The tissues on the vanity also present the logo!


Theme Park View Room – The Bedroom

The expansive size of the bedroom is just down the hall. The large size furnishes ample room to move around without feeling like you’re going to stub your toe on the furniture.

The Beds


The room features two soft beds with plenty of pillows.


A chandelier hangs over the room, giving it a regal atmosphere.


The Nightstand

As with most rooms, a charming nightstand snuggles in between the two beds.


The nightstand drawers can hold quite a lot. They serve more like dresser drawers due to their large size.


We felt that they were the largest nightstand drawers that we’ve seen at Walt Disney World.


The top space on this nightstand appears pretty spacious, too. It also features a power outlet and a USB charging port.

The Desk


At the desk, we found a Keurig with K-cups along with an ice bucket and cups wrapped in plastic.


Those who count on their caffeine in the morning will definitely appreciate the Keurig. You may not need an entire pot of coffee, but a single cup to greet you in the morning can really rev up your day.


The cups may not have been as elegant as the rest of the room, but we appreciated that they follow proper hygiene. Disney constantly keeps the pandemic in mind when considering our safety.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

The lovely hidden Mickey appears in the sophisticated design on the back of the desk chair.


We only found two USB charging ports on the desk. This doesn’t really provide enough charging options for most visitors. The average guest at Walt Disney World usually needs to charge multiple devices.


This rolling table provides extra work space, especially since the coffee and ice bucket stations take up most of the desktop. Many rooms feature a separate beverage station, but this one didn’t have the space for another piece of furniture.

The Dresser


Moving to the dresser with the television mounted just above it, we noticed four drawers on each side and a large cabinet in the center.


A small refrigerator hides within the cabinet. Though not surprised, we were relieved that we found a place to chill our drinks and snacks.


On the dresser’s top, we found a placard informing us about enhanced cleaning procedures. Of course, this may ease guests’ misgivings about the sanitization of the room. A clean television remote is sealed in plastic to assure you that other guests and staff have not handled it after its cleaning.

The Sofa


We found a pleasant sofa in the corner with a mirror above it.


The mirror holds two lamps. The design ties in perfectly with the room décor. Still, we wondered about the sofa. Is there something more to it?


Many sofas can convert into a queen size bed. Disney has made many changes to rooms all across all their resorts to provide additional bedding options so that larger parties can find rooms.


We investigated (the rather beat up sofa bed) to see if this was such a device.


The top flipped down to reveal a bed for one. It wasn’t a queen, but an additional guest could sleep there. Of course, that guest couldn’t be too tall.


Theme Park View Room – The Balcony


Now we strolled to the balcony to take a look at the reason we booked this room.


The small balcony overlooks Seven Seas Lagoon. Two chairs and an end table appeared ready for us to sit down and relax.


Nothing else had been placed out here besides the furniture, but what else would you need to enjoy the view?


We could already hear the ferry boat horns and the chirping of birds.


The View

Let’s face it. This is the reason that Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is one of our favorites. The stunning view of Magic Kingdom and Seven Seas Lagoon makes it worth the money.


From here, you can easily see Space Mountain and Cinderella Castle.


You can also see Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


As the sun sets behind Magic Kingdom, the oranges and yellows create a gorgeous picture. The way the sunset colors reflect off of the lake captures the imagination. It’s by far the best view from a resort around Seven Seas Lagoon.

What do you think about the luxurious theme park view rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian & Spa? You can leave a comment below.

Also, watch our theme park view room tour for a step-by-step guide of the room’s accommodations with commentary:

  1. For $600-800/night, these really need a refresh. I’ve seen nicer rooms at a Marriott in Little Rock. There’s a reason Disney has regrets about letting Four Seasons build on property – they are offering a far superior product, both in terms of room, service and amenity (beyond the convenience factor of the monorail).

  2. Did the Grand get new carpet, curtains, and shower curtains? And the chandelier…looks different

  3. Ha we literally just stayed there for a wedding about 2 weeks ago with the same type of room. The wedding pavilion is beautiful (got to see the bride get takin away in the carriage and everything haha). Is that room in the 8000s, or 800s can’t remember (when ur facing the front of Narcoossee’s its the building on the right)? Its a beautiful resort but it is older and our bellman said its past time for another renovation & i agree. We got there loterally a day or 2 after they laid off all those workers & u could tell some looked stressed and worried.

  4. I wish we could afford to stay at the Grand Floridian again. We love every WDW hotel we’ve stayed at (All-Star all three, Pop Century, Ft. Wilderness cabins, Polynesian and once upon a time the Grand Floridian) but lately can’t afford to spend more than an All-Star or Pop Century visit. There is a huge difference in amenities and “feel” when you stay at a more expensive Disney property. We visit a new one every trip, exploring each resort, finding where to refill our mugs, talking to Cast Members, looking at and occasionally trying their different places to eat, and just enjoying a different aspect of WDW.

  5. What’s with the weird lens and camera angles that give you no sense of the size of the rooms or anything in them?

  6. This was a great story and shows why I no longer try to stay there. Nothing irks me more than having one desk in the room that is taken up by something, in this case a Keurig. I need a desk for my laptop, etc. and all that means is that I have to move the Keurig to another location. Poor design on their part.

  7. the four seasons is much much nicer and the same price. Our room at the GF was $1,000 per night and pretty lackluster, it was more like a $300 room

  8. We stayed there our one and only time 10 years ago for a wedding because there was a really good discount on the room. I remember the bathroom had a phone in it which I thought was weird at the time.

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