PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Deluxe Studio Standard View Room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House

We recently stayed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House and created a tour of our room. This Deluxe Studio room, part of the Disney Vacation Club section of the resort, offers a “Standard View” rather than the more expensive Savanna View, but is no less comfortable and well-appointed. Hopefully, you can capture the feeling of what to expect when you book a similar room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House. Come along as we find our room and settle in!

Deluxe Studio Room – The Entrance


The door placard features not only our room number, but also an interesting design. It looks like handmade clay, but is actually constructed from a sturdy, industrial material.


The door and room number display immerses us in African themes, and we haven’t even entered the room.


The mirror greets us immediately after we enter. It looks like a wooden framed mirror with carvings.


Upon closer inspection, we realize the frame is plastic, though well made. Nevertheless, the design still supports the African motif.

Deluxe Studio Room – The Kitchenette


The room includes a kitchenette with a mini refrigerator, sink, coffee maker, and microwave. You will also find the usual ice bucket and cups. The disposable, plastic-wrapped cups allow for sanitary storage and use. Of course, this is considered normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The cabinets contain no plates or cutlery, other than single-use, disposable plasticware. Larger rooms provide regular cups, plates, and cutlery.


The cute art on the tilework around the sink reveals Simba from The Lion King and a rhinoceros drawn Rafiki-style.


Altogether, the kitchenette provides what you need to chill and heat up drinks and snacks. Though not a full kitchen, it serves its purpose well.

Deluxe Studio Room – The Bathroom


The entrance to the bathroom is open to the rest of the studio with the vanity area offering no privacy. Approaching the vanity with two sinks, we didn’t notice any drawers or much counterspace. The ledge could offer some storage space, but it wasn’t as spacious as we would like.


The attractive light fixtures appealed to our sense of the African theming. The sinks allow for two guests to ready themselves here, and the illuminated make-up mirror provides a nice touch.


The large mirror offers plenty of space for your morning and evening routines. We really enjoyed the details of the mirror frame, where cute hidden Mickeys appear in the center of each section.


The opening to the shower and toilet contains a door, so have no worries about privacy.


The back of the door holds a giant mirror, and the colorful shower curtain features interesting designs that tie into the resort décor.


Disney supplies all the usual amenities, with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash mounted to the wall.


The lively tilework matches the room design, giving the overall bathtub/shower unit a vibrant atmosphere.


Of course, the toilet appears functional and well maintained. The towels have been stacked on a mounted rack for easy access from the shower.

Deluxe Studio Room – The Bedroom


Moving into the bedroom, we noticed similarities to deluxe studios at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani House. There appears to be some minor differences.

The Bed


The bed looks inviting for a nap. Sadly, there isn’t any under-the-bed storage space.


Nearby, a nightstand holds the room’s telephone, a guide, and the television remote wrapped in plastic for sanitary reasons. Two standard outlets and two USB charging ports have been installed here for easy recharging of your personal devices.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

The tapestry above the bed drives the motif with earthy colors and geometric designs.


A map of Africa boldly shows locations all throughout the continent.


In the West African portion of the map, you’ll notice the words “Animal Kingdom.” We’re not sure about the meaning of placing this here, other than nodding to the Disney theme park. Perhaps it references the intended setting of The Lion King. We didn’t find any other references to Disney intellectual property on the map.

The Furniture


Across the room, two chairs and a table offer a spot to lounge, eat, play cards and the like. Information about the cleaning process for the room and a box of tissues can be found here, as well.


This mirror frame features wonderful lizard designs.


This wall closet stores the safe, an extra pillow, and ironing equipment. Also, you can stow your luggage here and can hang garments that you don’t want wrinkled.


The dresser contains four drawers and a cabinet space below. Smaller bags and items can fit in the cabinet area if the wall closet didn’t provide enough space to place them there. Though the decorative drawers look lovely, they don’t seem wide enough to store much in them. Also, several USB charging ports allow you to recharge your electronic devices.

The Sofa


The sofa provides a nice place to comfortably enjoy watching television, holding conversations, or enjoying drinks. A pair of wooden tables stand nearby for your use.


As Disney resorts often provide extra sleeping arrangements with their convertible sofas, we investigated this one to see what secrets it held.


The sofa pulled out into a queen size bed. This sofa bed appears to be one of the older models. It isn’t popular with a lot of guests, as the thin mattress doesn’t promise a restful night sleep. Perhaps it may suffice for kids, but we wouldn’t encourage older guests to use it.

Deluxe Studio Room – The Balcony


The balcony offers us the standard view experience. We headed out there to take a look.


Two chairs with zebra designs and a small table deliver some comfort for guests wanting to bask in the view.


The zebras add a nice accent to the consistent African motif running throughout the deluxe studio.


Perhaps there’s not a lot of space on the balcony for viewing, but for a studio space lodging up to four guests, it works.


Though the view is considered “standard,” it allows you to see quite a bit of savanna in the distance.


The view of the pen and road may not give us an up-close look at the animals that may roam around in this area, but it is much more pleasant than looking at a parking lot.


This space could easily be seen from our balcony, despite our room offering only the standard view. Now we only need some animals to wander nearby.


That’s all for our tour of the deluxe studio (standard view) room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House. Tell us what you think about the room in the Comments below.

You can also find more details this room with commentary by watching our video tour. Click below for more.