REVIEW: Annual Passholder Exclusive Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Crêpe is an Irresistible New Offering from Central Park Crêpes at Universal Studios Florida

The Universal Orlando Resort recently announced an extension to the Annual Passholder Appreciation Days, which includes perks such as exclusive menu items around the parks. Central Park Crêpes has been a huge success, judging by the daily lines and our own review of the entire menu, so it’s no surprise they’ve gotten in on showing UOAPs some love, too. A new secret menu Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Crêpe is available for a limited time, and it’s exclusive to Universal Orlando Annual Passholders.


Banana pastry cream, chunks of pound cake, and crushed walnuts are wrapped up in a freshly made crêpe, and then topped by whipped cream, Nutella, and more walnuts. These hefty snacks are skillfully made, and you’ll probably get a glimpse of the delicate crêpes being prepared through the window.


It’s beautiful, isn’t it? We’d also like to point out that the generic “Crepe” stickers have been replaced by new “Central Park Crepes Food & Drinks” stickers.


The crêpes are evenly cooked and have a light, chewy texture that just melts in your mouth. Beneath the piles of dense whipped cream, there’s a smooth banana custard and giant chunks of lemon pound cake.

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As soon as we spotted the pound cake, we were ready to dive in. These aren’t the easiest to eat, and you may need a pile of napkins, but the reward is worth it. The sweet banana cream flavor took over on first bite, with crunchy walnuts pieces throughout. Although this is a Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Crêpe, there isn’t much chocolate flavor aside from the Nutella drizzle on the top, and we wished there had been a little more. The pound cake, walnuts, and banana cream is a lighter, refreshing flavor combination, perfectly complimented by the mounds of whipped cream.


The pound cake is phenomenal, and thankfully, this crêpe is stuffed with plenty of giant, dense cake pieces. Everything about this cake was incredibly fresh, and we loved every bite.


The Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Crêpe is available for $7.99 from Central Park Crêpes. This Passholder Exclusive menu item is available through October 31, so make sure you grab one while you can. Will you be trying this new UOAP treat on your next visit to Universal Studios Florida?