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Japan Government Considering Lifting Travel Ban for Foreign Tourists in April 2021

With the Tokyo Olympics delayed to summer 2021, the Japanese government is reportedly considering ways to lift the travel ban for foreign tourists. This would also open the doors for foreign guests to return to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Japan currently refuses entry from 159 countries and regions but has lifted the ban for some business travelers. Sources say Japan will be setting up an exclusive consultation center for foreign tourists who may be infected with COVID-19. Tourists will be required to download a new smartphone app and report on their health condition for 14 days.

Tourists who test negative for the virus upon entering Japan will be allowed to watch the Olympics and Paralympics. There may also be public health centers for tourists set up in Tokyo.

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Japan aims to finalize these plans by early next year so they can start accepting foreign tourists in April. Restrictions such as how many tourists will be allowed entry, how to ensure tourists download and use the app, and areas that tourists will be allowed are still being discussed. For now, the government is monitoring the COVID-19 situation at home and abroad.

Hopefully, if Japan does reopen to foreign tourists in spring, Tokyo Disney Resort will also be welcoming foreign guests.

Source: Japan Times