VIDEO: Disney Research Introduces Humanoid Animatronic With Realistic Eye Movements

Disney Research Hub has released a video introducing an animatronic with realistic and interactive eye movements.

Here’s what Disney said in the video’s description:

“This video describes the development of a system for lifelike gaze in human-robot interactions using a humanoid animatronic bust. We present a general architecture that seeks not only to create gaze interactions from a technological standpoint, but also through the lens of character animation where the fidelity and believability of motion is paramount; that is we seek to create an interaction which demonstrates the illusion of life.”

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The animatronic can blink, breathe, and follow the movement of the human it is interacting with. It can also look like it’s reading.

Watch the video from Disney Research Hub about the somewhat terrifying but technologically advanced animatronic below.

  1. It’s beautiful to witness these first steps on artificial intelligence. Exciting to think about what I might see in my lifetime, and the joy it will bring to future generations.

  2. Sounds expensive and not a screen, can’t see Disney using this. Not under today’s “leadership”.

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