Cheesy "Corn" Dog and Cheesy "Corn" Fries dca award wieners 2019

Corn Dog Castle Corn Dogs and More Will Be Offered at Award Wieners for the Reopening of Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure

Typically, when we think Award Wieners at Disney California Adventure, our mind goes to Carne Asada Fries and Rainbow Funnel Cake. However, when Award Wieners reopens on November 19 along with the rest of the outdoor shopping and dining district (yes, it’s technically an extension of Downtown Disney now), its menu offerings will look more akin to another Disney California Adventure fan favorite, Corn Dog Castle—where corn dogs rule!

All of the usual offerings from Corn Dog Castle will now be offered at Award Wieners, from the Original Corn Dog, to the Hot-Link Corn Dog, and every vegetarian’s favorite, the Cheddar Cheese Stick.


If you’re in the mood for Funnel Cake Fries, Award Wieners will be offering a Fall seasonal special by way of Apple Pie Funnel Cake Fries.


For all the dads out there, there’s Modelo Especial and The Backlot Michelada. Beer enthusiasts should try out the Backstreet Brewery Animation IPA.

With the rest of Disney California Adventure closed to guests, Disney had to bring the classic theme park food over from the Paradise Gardens Park, so while you may not be able to get some of the more creative offerings Award Wieners usually has, you’ll still be able to snack on a piping hot corn dog in between shopping and strolling about. As a reminder, Mobile Ordering will be in place, and there may be a bit of a wait to pick up your food.

Are you disappointed in the menu change, or just happy that you’ll be able to be back inside of a Disneyland Resort theme park soon? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Disappointed. Glad they are offering corn dogs, but they should offer their whole menu, or at least 1-2 of their signature hot dogs. People will assume they can get their gourmet hot dog and film strip fries. They really should open up their festival of the holidays or the Lunar festival and space it out throughout the park and have dedicated areas to sit and eat, there’s plenty of room, and too much pent up demand. I also hope that as they open up the DVC villas at GCH they have a food option open, the GCH bar and grill? If they don’t open anything or the pool at least I don’t see the benefit of even staying there.

  2. Am I Reading this Correctly
    They are only going to offer corn dogs?
    If so, this is a missed Opportunity for Disney. As we are now getting back into the park. Albeit still no rides. Thanks to our overlord Gavin Newsom.
    It will change the feel of the experience
    And make it just commercial & leaving out the Magic we so need.

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