PHOTOS: Disney Face Mask Pricing Increased by $3.99 at Walt Disney World

Since early on in its reopening, Walt Disney World has stocked Disney face masks themed to a slew of characters and seasonal holidays. Also available at Disneyland and the Disney Store, these face masks are a popular choice for fans preparing for a visit to the parks (where masks are mandatory) or just looking to add some Disney flair to their pandemic looks. At first, these masks were available for $6.00 each, or 4 for $20. Since then, we’ve lost the bundle deal, and now, face masks have gone up by nearly $4.


Previously just $6.00 plus tax, single face masks are now retailing for $9.99 plus tax at Walt Disney World. Thankfully, discounts can be applied. We have yet to confirm if this price increase has gone into effect at the Downtown Disney District in Disneyland Resort or at the various Disney Store locations that also stock face masks. On shopDisney, these face masks are typically sold in 2-packs for $11.99 or 4-packs for $19.99.

We recommend stocking up on the cheaper-priced ones before the price increase hits across all locations, but if you don’t mind forking over $10 for ONE mask, check out the current masks available at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom:


What do you think of the newly-increased pricing on Disney face masks? Sound off in the comments.

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dawn L vasquez
dawn L vasquez
1 year ago

well I find this insulting. Disney is MAKING masks mandatory and maybe rightly so BUT these masks are made in China and thats why we are all in this mess. So now to raise prices by 65% is just crazy. My guess is they are sensing masks will not be mandatory by orange county soon (Florida is not mandatory) and they dont want all this product and need to make their money.

Dean DeCoursey
Dean DeCoursey
1 year ago

I’ll find out tomorrow if the price increased at the Character Warehouse Outlets yet. If it’s $10 there, I’ll pass!

Allison Britting
Allison Britting
1 year ago

The greed is rearing it’s ugly head. There is no explanation. If they could sell these for $6 for months, there is no reason to raise the prices considerably except for that.