PHOTOS: NEW CB-23 Interactive Droid and Action Figure, 4-LOM Action Figure, and Jawa Patch Arrive at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Droid Depot has some brand-new wares for visitors to Batuu. Just in time for Life Day celebrations at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there’s tons of new cargo to swap credits for!


CB-23 Interactive Remote Control Droid with Authentic Sounds – $120


The newest droid arrival hails from the Star Wars Resistance animated series. CB-23 is Poe Dameron’s droid, and in his words, “Don’t mind CB-23, kid. She’s a little…particular.” Colored in bold red and teal, this special new droid was first announced earlier this week during the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge merchandise panel as part of D23’s ongoing virtual event this year.


According to Wookiepedia, CB-23 was a BB-series astromech droid with feminine programming who was a member of the Resistance in 34 ABY. She was assigned to Commander Poe Dameron while BB-8 was stationed on the Colossus with Kazuda Xiono. After Dameron took back BB-8 before going on a mission to Jakku, CB-23 replaced him in the mission on the Colossus platform.


The remote-control droid even comes with its own exclusive CB-23 personality chip embedded within.


Of course, you can always purchase additional personality chips, also available at Droid Depot.


CB-23 Droid Depot Action Figure – $12.99


If you don’t have enough room inside your starfighter for a larger droid, there are two new droid figures available as well, starting with the CB-23 Droid Depot figure.


Similar to the Star Wars Droid Factory series, these smaller droid figures can go anywhere on your desk or shelf of collectibles.


4-LOM Action Figure – $12.99


If it’s a bounty hunter you’re after, this 4-LOM action figure is also now available at the Droid Depot. You may remember this cold and calculating killer from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back as one of the mercenaries hired by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo.


Droid Depot “Refurbish, Sell, Scavenge” Patch – $9.99


Lastly, if you’d like to wear your love of droids and all things scavenging on your sleeve, there’s this new Droid Patch featuring a Jawa and the words “Refurbish. Sell. Scavenge.” almost in the shape of a recycling symbol. Make sure you haul out any recyclable droids next time you spot a sandcrawler in your neighborhood.


The patch can be temporarily applied to clothes using the sticky backing it comes with. However, you can also sew on the patch for a more permanent application.

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