PHOTOS: New “Tangled” and “Toy Story” Anniversary Disney Parks Signature Puzzles Now Available at Walt Disney World

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Two fan-favorite movies are having their anniversaries celebrated with new Disney Parks Signature Puzzles.

Both of the boxes the Tangled 10th Anniversary and Toy Story 25th Anniversary puzzles contain a 1000 piece puzzle and come detailed with gold accents surrounding their featured image on the front. On the back of the package, Disney fans can find tidbits about the movies as well as information about the artists.

The 10th Anniversary of Tangled is being celebrated with a beautiful painting of everyones favorite scene–can you hear “I See the Light” yet?


This 25th Anniversary box features a portrait of some of the original Toy Story Gang.


Repunzel and Flynn Rider, as well as all of our friends from Toy Story were found at MouseGear for $22.99 each.