PHOTOS: NEW Wooden Boba Fett Doll and Droid Depot Droids Set Now Available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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While this year may not have brought about the debut of Life Day celebrations across Batuu, at least we have new merchandise to rejoice over, and some of it themed to Galaxy’s Edge itself! After the debut of the new Boba Fett plush at Toydarian Toymaker, the bounty hunter has now appeared in the form of a wooden doll. Fans of Droid Depot will find the latest boxed droid set to be a must-have, as it’s themed to the very droids parked outside the store! This is the merchandise we’re looking for. Let’s check out the new arrivals!

Wooden Boba Fett Doll with Display Base – $39.99


In the style of the Stormtrooper wooden doll (yes, modeled after the one seen in Rogue One) that debuted at Toydarian Toymaker with the land, this new wooden Boba Fett doll comes with a slightly worn look.


The doll includes a display base for you to stand it on.


You can purchase the Wooden Boba Fett Doll for $39.99 at Toydarian Toymaker.

Droid Depot Droids Boxed Set – $49.99


This is probably the meta merch every Galaxy’s Edge fan has been waiting for: A Droid Depot Droids set themed to the droids outside the store!


Here, you can collect R1-J1, B-R72, L4-R6, C2-B9, and the adorable gonk droid, EG-01.



R1-J1 is an R1-series astromech droid with green plating and a yellow trim. It stands at 1.94 meters tall and, like all R-series astromech droids, was manufactured by Industrial Automaton.



B-R72 is a heavy loader droid with yellow and red plating.

L4-R6 and C2-B9


L4-R6 is an R-series astromech droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton who functioned as a repair droid. In 0 BBY, L4-R6 was in the possession of a tribe of Jawas on Tatooine. 

C2-B9 is an R-series astromech droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton. It at some point served in the palace of Jabba Desilijic Tiure on the planet Tatooine. 



EG-01 is a GNK-series power droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton with green plating.


You can get the full set of droids inside Droid Depot for $49.99.

Will you be heading over to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for this new merchandise? Do keep in mind that due to social distancing practices throughout Batuu, a limited number of parties are allowed inside a store at a time, so in the case of Toydarian Toymaker, plan on waiting in line to get into the Black Spire Marketplace, and then again to get into the store. Droid Depot has a much larger capacity limit, so it may be slightly easier to shop for the new droids.

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