PHOTOS: See All 10 NEW Walt Disney World Ride Vehicle Toys from McDonald’s

Walt Disney World ride vehicle toys have finally arrived at McDonald’s! The official release begins tomorrow, but with some luck, select McDonald’s locations have already put out the new toys. The new collection celebrates the opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, with Engineer Goofy and Mickey & Minnie in their car leading off the collection, which forms a 10-car train when fully connected. The remaining toys have the characters in the new Mickey Mouse cartoon style visiting various theme park attractions. Let’s dig in for a dose of nostalgia in an old-fashioned McDonald’s Happy Meal unboxing.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Happy Meal Box


On one side, we have the classic red McDonald’s Happy Meal box design, with a special tag urging parents to enter the “Hop Aboard to Win” sweepstakes.


The other side of the box features the Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway logo and artwork featuring Mickey and Minnie.


All aboard the Zany Express! One side panel of the box features a fun activity for kids.


And on the other side of the box are more details on the “Hop Aboard to Win” sweepstakes. Find the game ticket with your Happy Meal toy and scan for a chance to win a vacation for 4 to Walt Disney World Resort!


You can enter through January 18, 2021 for vacations through December 15, 2022.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Happy Meal Toy Display


If you’re heading inside to pick up your order or dine in, you can take a look at the Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Happy Meal toy display.


There are 10 toys in all, featuring…

Conductor Goofy – Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway


Mickey and Minnie – Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway


Mickey – Mission: SPACE


Minnie – Pirates of the Caribbean


Daisy – Soarin’ Around the World


Mickey – Tower of Terror


Pluto – Jungle Cruise


Donald – Mad Tea Party


Goofy – Expedition Everest




Mickey Mission: SPACE Happy Meal Toy


The location we visited currently only had the Mickey Mission: SPACE Happy Meal toy in stock.


As Mickey speeds in his spacecraft, the burning rocket fuel twirls around. On the back, there’s a latch to attach him to the other ride vehicles.

If you’re in the Orlando area, we found these at the McDonald’s located in: 7344 W Sand Lake Rd, but these are available nationwide starting tomorrow. Will you be heading over to McDonald’s for some Walt Disney World-themed toys? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I want to but i need help getting them, becuase i’m from a different country.\ so it won’t be easy.

  2. Wow! Any idea how long the toys will be at McDonald’s? I see the sweepstakes runs through December so does that mean these Happy Meals will be featured that long?

    1. According to the McD app, the sweepstakes actually ends Jan 18th The vacation you win is up until December. I have already gotten toys 1-4 so don’t wait to go if you want them. And you can always ask if they have more in the back (that is how I got 3 and 4 – they were currently giving out 1 and 2 right now.)

  3. Just went to a McDonalds location in Connecticut. They did not give me the correct toy, even though that’s what I ordered on the app & it was advertised on the Drive Thru board. They let me know that the WDW toys would be arriving Friday and I could swap the ones I got today then. I called another location and they said they did not have the WDW toys until I explained that they were released today…after some time on hold, they were found and I will attempt to pick them up today. We’ll see…

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