PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: Enjoy a Traditional Christmas Meal and See Santa Goofy at Minnie’s Holiday Dine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: Enjoy a Traditional Christmas Meal and See Santa Goofy at Minnie’s Holiday Dine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: Enjoy a Traditional Christmas Meal and See Santa Goofy at Minnie’s Holiday Dine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We loved Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood & Vine, but all good things must come to an end. Thankfully, the Halloween experience was quickly replaced with a holiday experience. Join us for Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


To start things off, we invite you to check out our full YouTube video experience of Minnie’s Holiday Dine:



Much of the Holiday Dine experience is similar to the Halloween Dine experience. When arriving, you can check in via the app or a QR code.


Once inside, there is a photo op for guests to take pictures of each other.


Inside the restaurant, parties are socially distanced, with several tables having been removed.


As with the Halloween Dine, Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy all appear to greet guests. Though they won’t approach your table, they will pose for pictures. The characters come out in pairs every few minutes to walk around, and all four of them came out twice during our meal for a special Christmas celebration.


Minnie Mouse is in a lovely red lace dress with matching bow and shoes.


Mickey is in a classy suit, with a green bowtie.


Pluto put on a pair of antlers, and has exchanged his usual dog tag for a mint candy.


And of course, Goofy was dressed up in his Santa Claus outfit.


At the end of the meal, guests get cards with the characters autographs on one side, and a picture of Minnie decorating her tree on the other.


Either the lunch or dinner experience is $55.00 for adults and $36.00 for children ages 3-9. Included in the adult price is a family-style salad, entrée, and dessert. You can view the full menu online and read on for our reviews.

Bread Service


These are the same Parker house rolls usually available at Hollywood & Vine. They looked better than they tasted, but they still hit the spot.

Salad Family Style

Farmhouse Tossed Salad Bowl

Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onion, Cornbread Croutons, Homemade Smokehouse Ranch Dressing


The salads were the weakest point of the meal, and it’s not because it was a salad course—we typically come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for salads, but this was generally a soggy mess, with an off-taste to the ranch dressing.


This salad included cornbread croutons which had softened, making them unpleasant to eat.

Adult Entrée Choice

Carved Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

Garlic Redskin Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread Stuffing, Sautéed Green Beans, Turkey Gravy, and Cranberry Orange Relish


The relish had a very strong taste, but the rest of the dish was perfect for this occasion considering that it’s a traditional holiday meal.


The turkey was well-cooked, and we loved the stuffing.

Pork Osso Bucco

Boursin Cheese Hominy Grits, Caramelized Apples, Lemon Gremolata, Pork Reduction Gravy 


The meat was tender and fell off the bone. Unfortunately, we received a fattier piece, so if you aren’t into gristly cuts of meat, you may want to stick to “safer” options. The cheese grits were a nice surprise and the taste wasn’t too overpowering.


The caramel apples were a bit of a strange addition to the dish.

Apple Blueberry Pie

Baked Apples, Blueberries, Caramel, and Streusel


These dessert pies are not what you expect. They are deconstructed dishes.


The blueberry apple pie was not bad, but we had to go searching for streusel.

Banana Cream Pie

Bananas, Cream and Caramel Sauce


The banana cream pie was good, and the cookies inside it were especially delicious.


Because the concept has changed from a buffet, the meal did feel somewhat rushed.


Overall, we felt Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine was a great value for the $55 price. Between the food and holiday experience, this was a better deal than Cinderella’s Royal Table right now

The characters would really take their time at each table hamming it up for photos or video, and made sure you had all the shots you needed before moving on to the next table. The photos are just as good as before, with the main difference being that you’re not standing next to the characters anymore.

For $55, you get 3 courses, 2 of which were very good. If you get more “expensive” dishes like the salmon or prime rib, you extract the value very well—PLUS, they take discounts and Tables in Wonderland.

Get started on Thanksgiving and Christmas early and enjoy a meal with Santa Goofy and the gang at Hollywood & Vine!