REVIEW: Carousel of Progress “Just A Dream Away” Shake with Full Churro Arrives in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom

There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow… just a shake away! It’s Christmas in the 2020’s, the birds are singing, and there’s a brand-new invention called a churro milkshake. That’s right, the holidays are here at the Magic Kingdom, and we’ve got quite the review for you!


Previously unannounced treats (yes, it was foolish of us to assume the five items previewed in the press release would be the extent of offerings) have been rolled out throughout the many lands of the Magic Kingdom, and we’re starting off our holiday food tour in Tomorrowland with the “Just A Dream Away” shake at Auntie Gravity’s.


The new addition is listed in the corner of the outdoor menu for the popular ice cream spot.


The menu shows an idealized version of what you’re going to get, with whipped cream still piled high and a churro arched perfectly over the top. The shake will set you back $8.49.


The shake is also advertised on the menus by the pick-up bays. Remember, this location does not participate in Mobile Order, so you’ll have to order at a register.


In person, the shake is rather pretty, with the creamy milkshake hues contrasting nicely against the iridescent purple, blue, and black galaxy sprinkles.


The churro, while not as structurally sound as the one pictured, was frosted and covered in sprinkles as well.


Fast forward to the future and 20 photos later, we’re finally getting to taste this out-of-this-world creation. We’ll be honest, the churro is extremely chewy and probably one of the worst churros we’ve ever had. Having it soak in milkshake doesn’t do wonders for its composition, either.


The shake itself, however, is good, made of luscious vanilla and salted caramel ice cream. The salted caramel flavor is really subdued here, and mostly comes on the backend of each sip.


Again, not all the icing and sprinkles in the galaxy can save this horrible Walt Disney World churro. It almost makes us want to fly over to Disneyland for the reopening of Buena Vista Street just to taste a proper one.


Still, we’d have the shake again, although we might ask them to hold off on the churro. Whether you’re pre-gaming a solid nap on Carousel of Progress, or just happy that they’ve named a new food item after it, make sure you stop by Auntie Gravity’s for a taste of the “Just A Dream Away” shake. Now, let’s cheer up Sarah by singing our song. Come on, everybody! There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow

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Johnny C.
Johnny C.
1 year ago

Nice! I’ve always wondered why WDW can’t do a proper churro like Disneyland. How can it be that hard?? You have the tools and recipe!

1 year ago

I had one of those churro milkshakes about a week ago. It was ok , the taste was fine. It was very sweet, too sweet for me with the frosting and sprinkles on it and yes the churro was tough to chew unless it was dipped for a minute in the shake I had to break it in half because it was a really good size. It was ok and I am glad i tried it, but would I buy it again, NO because it was so sweet and I could not finish it. If you like really sweet things,… Read more »