REVIEW: Delicious NEW Minion Pop’n Hot Chocolate is Sure to Warm Your Spirit at Universal Studios Japan

With winter upon us once again, the Universal parks around the world are coming up with ways to keep us warm and cozy through the day! From the return of Hot Butterbeer both in Orlando and Osaka to the crazy Potato Chip Drink with consommé soup, there’s so many choices! Now, Universal Studios Japan has finally hit the balance between cute and delicious with this year’s new Minion Pop’n Hot Chocolate at Louie’s in New York!

Minion Pop’n Hot Chocolate – ¥650 ($6.20)


The drink is available at the Louie’s Baskin Robbins ice cream window outside the restaurant.


The presentation could not be more impeccable, with yellow whipped cream and a macaron with a chocolate Minion eye, as well as a couple pieces of popcorn.


And wrapped around the cup (including a makeshift handle) is this adorable art from the Minions Cozy Winter merchandise line! Minions can be seen in different outfits and scenarios keeping warm in the winter weather, including with cocoa, hats, and cozy sweaters! We also saw a similar wrap on the Minion Corn Soup cup.

The drink itself is quite delicious, of course! The popcorn on top provides the “pop’n” part of the name and tastes like sugar-glazed popcorn does. The real highlights are the incredible and fluffy lemon macaron and the banana whipped cream that tops the drink. The best part is that mixing some of the whip in and dipping the macaron in the cocoa below creates quite an excellent flavor pairing with a sweet-tangy combination. The hot chocolate below is not too special, with a richness to it that’s better than your run-of-the-mill convenience store cocoa or Swiss Miss, but not nearly as exquisite as Tokyo Disney Resort’s incredible hot cocoa. Nonetheless, this is a treat you simply won’t want to miss this winter at Universal Studios Japan, and I definitely think the Minion Pop’n Hot Chocolate is worth the visit to Louie’s!

You can find this warm beverage through this winter at the Baskin Robbins window outside Louie’s in Universal Studios Japan’s New York area for ¥650, so be sure to stop in on your next visit for a sweet and toasty cocoa break!