REVIEW: Earl the Squirrel’s Maple Pecan Sticky Bunz from the Holiday Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

The holiday snacks keep on coming, and after completing the Holiday Treat Trail, we set our sights on the Holiday Tribute Store. We decided to grab one of Earl’s Maple Pecan Sticky Bunz to start our day at Universal Studios Florida.


Even through our face mask, we could smell the aroma of maple pecans.


Fresh, warm maple pecans cover the top of this sticky bun, but handle it with caution so you don’t lose your nuts!


The cake was extremely soft, but could have used just a little more of the sticky, sweet glaze. The crunchy pecans added a lot of flavor to the dense roll, though. We personally wish it had been a little sweeter, but it’s a nice little pastry to start the day or for those who don’t want any overly sugary snack.


The Maple Pecan Sticky Bunz might not have been our favorite snack, but the Holiday Tribute Store has many other great offerings, especially if you’re craving something sweet. Will you be trying these Maple Pecan Sticky Bunz or any of the other treats from the Tribute Store?