Winnie the Pooh in Mickey & Friends Christmas Cavalcade

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/21/20 (Bonjour! Village Gifts Reopens, Haunted Mansion Oven Mitt, Pirates of the Caribbean Sign Refurbishment, and More)

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom on a busy, and gloomy, November day. We’re a mere five days from Thanksgiving Day, and both the crowds and weather are reflective of the season. Despite the overcast and rainy conditions, we had many great character interactions and really embraced the Christmas festivities — let’s head in and see what the park holds.


Starting off with the monorail ride in, we take our first (of several) looks at the progress on the construction of TRON Lightcycle / Run. Nearly all of the exterior has been covered in paneling, save for a small section facing into Tomorrowland which hasn’t yet received the top layer of its shell.


Continuing with TRON from within the park, assembly of the illuminated canopy over the exterior track has continued at a steady pace. While this view from Storybook Circus doesn’t look particularly impressive, the structure shows much more progress from other angles.


Other views put into perspective the amount of progress that’s been made on the structure, with more than half of this largest section of canopy having been assembled. While it remains a mystery if the attraction will open by Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, or even in 2021, it is certainly getting closer to completion.


Elsewhere in Tomorrowland, supports for the perennially-closed PeopleMover continue to be painted to match the updated (or retro, depending on your perspective) white color scheme. Two more pairs of supports have received their first coat of paint, with only one pair still retaining the steel color of the last quarter-century.


Continuing with construction work elsewhere in the park, the exterior refurbishment of “it’s a small world” continues behind colorful scrim, with mostly roof work being visible.


While little can be seen behind the colorful scrim, we do know repainting of turrets to match the color scheme of the reimagined Cinderella Castle is part of the work.


Not to be outdone, new track has been laid out in the Rivers of America as part of the Liberty Square Riverboat refurbishment. It’s expected that the old track will be replaced in short order with the new sections that sit on the riverbed.


A final, smaller project — refreshing of the Pirates of the Caribbean sign — has begun, but should be completed in short order. The large black sail has been replaced, but has yet to receive the lettering representing the attraction.


While the above projects represent some closed, or yet-to-open, attractions, we do have one small addition to the Magic Kingdom lineup today with the reopening of Bonjour! Village Gifts. While the small shop offers only a limited selection of items, any amenities returning to the parks are always welcomed.


The park didn’t offer much in the way of new merchandise today, however Uptown Jewelers offered a preview of some recently-announced Dooney & Bourke bags. These cats & dogs and Tangled bags are expected to be released this week at Walt Disney World.


Guests seeking out items from the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Jungle Cruise series would find half of that line available at Sir Mickey’s — the pin set, plush, and ear headband.


Another fun find came in the form of this new Haunted Mansion “Room For One More” oven mitt at Memento Mori, allowing you to be the Roast Host of your own mansion.


Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, let’s talk lines — lines which have reached some of their longest lengths since the park reopened. The Haunted Mansion lines looped most of Liberty Square and doubled-back on itself at one point today.


A bit less dire, the queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad stretched along the walkway back into the heart of Frontierland.


Well, that is, when the attraction wasn’t down due to technical difficulties. With a sizable refurbishment for the attraction expected to take place in the near future, we can only hope these repeated downtimes will be resolved as part of that work.


Within the neighboring Adventureland, the line for the Jungle Cruise (or Jingle Cruise, as it were) stretched past the entrance of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.


Naturally, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train held one of the longest — in both time, and distance — lines in the park. This morning, that line stretched all the way back to Gaston’s Tavern.


Moving on to the more light-hearted elements of the day, this trio of water art characters was found outside of the shuttered Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square.


Characters would be found all over the park today, such as Big Al atop the Country Bear Jamboree balcony in Frontierland.


Buzz Lightyear would be found on the Tomorrowland stage, with both Buzz and the stage itself adorned in seasonal decor.


Along the cavalcade route, we’d find a plethora of characters as part of the various cavalcades. Here, Ariel, Tiana, Jasmine, and Rapunzel roll through Frontierland.


Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mickey, and Minnie would all be seen as part of Mickey’s Holiday Cavalcade as it moved through the hub.


Last, but certainly not least, old Kris Kringle himself would float down Main Street as one of the key seasonal offerings in the park.

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