REVIEW: Earl the Squirrel’s Ornament Hot Chocolate Bombz are a Fun and Delicious New Offering from the Holiday Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

The Holiday Tribute Store is now open at Universal Studios Florida, and there are a variety of sweet treats available for purchase. Among the offerings in the 4th room of the Tribute Store, you’ll find a stand that sells Earl the Squirrel’s Hot Chocolate Bombz. These are a cute and themed way of presenting one of the latest holiday food trends. Time to warm up with a little hot chocolate!


The Hot Chocolate Bombs are designed to look like Christmas ornaments and come in red, green, or yellow. They’re served in a little plastic dish with a side of hot chocolate, served in a cup with an Earl the Squirrel sticker. We appreciate that detail!


When you’re ready to experience the hot chocolate bomb, you’ll want to drop the ornament in the cup of hot cocoa. You may want to use the stir stick provided to push the ornament around a bit so it will melt faster. Once the chocolate shell starts to dissolve, there will be an explosion of marshmallows.


We stirred up the melting chocolate and marshmallows to create a thick, rich hot chocolate. With just one sip, we fell in love. This was like drinking a melted bar of milk chocolate, with plenty of fluffy, fresh marshmallows. We couldn’t stop drinking this. It’s extremely chocolatey, but it’s absolutely perfect. We finished the entire thing and will be back for more. Move over, Hot Butterbeer.


For $5.49, this is a really good deal with a unique experience and a delicious drink. If you’re a hot chocolate lover, this is a must. You can watch a video of our Hot Chocolate Bomb experience below. Will you be trying one of Earl the Squirrel’s Hot Chocolate Bombz this holiday season?