REVIEW: Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas with Earl’s Nutty Rum Nog from the Holiday Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

The Holiday Tribute Store located inside Universal Studios Florida has done a fantastic job of spreading holiday cheer this season. Inside the Earl the Squirrel themed room you’ll find a variety of snacks and drinks. There’s a little something for everyone here, including Earl’s Nutty Nog. Eggnog is available in non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions, but we decided we needed a little extra holiday spirit and went for the alcoholic version.


The trees aren’t the only things about to be lit.


The beverage comes premade and is served over ice. It’s garnished by a piece of coconut cake and a sprinkle of cinammon.


At first sip, we could taste the alcohol. That’s a good sign. The eggnog has Bacardi rum mixed in and the drink tasted a bit like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It was smooth and easy to drink while we strolled around the park.


Earl’s Nutty Nog with alcohol is listed as $10.49 on the sign, but actually rings up as $10.99 at the register. It’s still a good value, considering the portion is so large and contains alcohol. The non-alcoholic version of Earl’s Nutty Nog is $5.99. If eggnog isn’t your thing, be sure to check out Earl’s Hot Chocolate Bombz located at the same stand in the Tribute Store. Will you be giving Earl’s Nutty Nog a try this season?