REVIEW: NEW Salted Caramel “Let it Snow” Cookie Taco at the Magic Kingdom for Christmas 2020

While many states around the country will soon be experiencing snow, the same cannot be said for Florida. But, that’s okay, because thanks to this new specialty treat, you can pretend it’s snowing tacos at Walt Disney World with this Let it Snow Taco available at the Magic Kingdom.

Let it Snow Taco – $5.29

Sugar cookie “taco shell” filled with salted caramel and spiced chocolate mousse


The shell definitely tasted like a shortbread cookie. It was tasty, but firm and hard to break with a plastic fork. Each bite squished the filling out before breaking the shell.


The mousse filling inside the taco and the frosting on top were different.


The filling essentially glued the taco to the plate, and it was difficult to find a way to eat it. The filling was more of a spiced chocolate mousse, while the icing on top was thicker and tasted like salted caramel.


Despite our difficulties eating this, it was a delicious dessert and a pleasure to look at. All the flavors blended well and complimented each other. The icing on top was a strong compliment to the subtle mousse filling. The shell was the perfect carrier that didn’t get in the way flavor-wise. We would eat this again!

Will you be making it snow tacos? This treat is available at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe from November 6th to December 30th, giving guests plenty of time to try this new and fun treat.

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