REVIEW: Spiked Frozen Apple Pie Moonshine Brings a Smooth, Sweet Drink (and a New Souvenir Cup!) to Block & Hans at EPCOT

If you’re thirsty for a patriotic beverage (or on the hunt for the next souvenir cup), Block & Hans at The American Adventure in EPCOT has just the thing.


Spiked Frozen Apple Pie is now available at the stand, served in a plastic Mason jar featuring the Block & Hans logo. This is an early release for this year’s Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays, and a return from previous years of the festival as well.


The cocktail includes Ole Smokey Apple Pie Moonshine, Minute Maid apple juice, and cinnamon.


But while you might think they’d be blended together, it’s mostly the apple juice and cinnamon syrup mixed in, while the moonshine was added on top like a floater. Our server recommended we stir it before drinking.


Still, it makes a nice-looking drink. But as we all know, how it tastes is what’s important.


Luckily, not only is the drink the color of an apple pie, it manages to taste like one too.


The drink has a tendency to melt and liquify after a while, so if you really want the full frozen experience, we suggest you drink it quickly.


This is a very smooth drink. We honestly couldn’t taste the alcohol at all.


It’s sweet, but not overly so. It tastes like apple pie moonshine without the kick from the alcohol.


The spice isn’t too strong here, as they only use a hint of cinnamon in the form of syrup.


We would absolutely get this again, although the price is a little high. Adding in a cute souvenir cup helps.


The drink sells for $15.50. For the budget-conscious (or alcohol-averse), you can ask for the Frozen Apple Pie without the moonshine or Mason jar. It’s not on the menu, but we found out that it costs $5.75. That being said, it’s still more expensive than the identically-named drink that’s available at Appleseed Orchard as part of the 2020 Taste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, so you may want to head to World Showplace instead for the non-alcoholic version.

Does the idea of a frozen apple pie warm you up or leave you ice cold? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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