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This time, we’re going NOT SO Deep in the Plus!

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This week, in keeping with our holiday theme, we’re actually going DEEP into a not so deep offering on Disney+… it’s the recently-released LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special!

Loosely based on the 1978 train wreck of a holiday special, the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special picks up where the Rise of Skywalker ends. Rey, Finn, and Poe are getting ready for the celebration known as Life Day. Rey is also trying to teach Finn the ways of the Force.  Frustrated, she turns to the Jedi books and finds out that there is a temple that could hold the key to his training. When Rey finds the key, it’s actually a device that allows her to travel back in time to different moments in the Star Wars Saga.  That’s when things get wacky!

So grab some tip yip, and light the holiday candles, as we take you… Deep in the Plus!