Disney Reportedly Failing to Pay Royalties to “Star Wars” and Other Disney-Owned Franchise Novelists

According to Deadline, The Walt Disney Company is not paying royalties to authors that wrote novelizations for franchises it has acquired. The authors, including legendary Star Wars novelist Alan Dean Foster, have not received royalties since Disney purchased Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox. We previously reported on Foster’s claim against Disney.

The Deadline article mentions Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer novelists, although specific author names are not provided. The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America is leading the charge against Disney.


In a related story, The Wall Street Journal states that calculating royalties is complicated, given how sales tend to change over time.

A Disney statement provided to The Wall Street Journal promises that Disney will review the claims.

We are carefully reviewing whether any royalty payments may have been missed as a result of acquisition integration and will take appropriate remedial steps if that is the case.

Disney Statement to The Wall Street Journal

Deadline goes on to state that at least six authors have reported that they have not received royalty checks since Disney acquired the rights to their work.

Keep checking WDWNT for updates regarding this story.

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Screw Corless
Screw Corless
9 months ago

I cannot WAIT for WDWNT to be sued for libel! You post SO many lies and false stories only to have to backtrack later on. PLEASE. Someone! SUE THIS IDIOTS!!

Tom Corless
9 months ago
Reply to  Screw Corless

I’m going to put “Sue This Idiots” on a tee.

9 months ago
Reply to  Tom Corless

The glorious irony of such a tee would probably be lost on the reader/commenter who inspired it. If it ever became available as merch, I’d purchase it in a heartbeat, especially if part or all of the revenue goes to people in need right now, like the Castmember Pantry.

9 months ago

Idiots! #firechapek and then you can rehire cast members and pay the creators their royalties. Win win win! Bring back some wdw entertainment while you’re at it. There’s enough money in that salary!