VIDEO: EPCOT’s “Wonders of China” Director Shares Vintage Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Many Disney fans have memories of Circle-Vison films they’ve enjoyed throughout the years, but sadly, due to its 360° format, very few have been viewable since their closing. But, thanks to director Jeff Blyth, we can now once again enjoy portions of the bygone EPCOT film “Wonders of China”, along with behind-the-scenes footage!

Blyth recently released a “sizzle reel” of sorts on his YouTube page that combines a three-panel variation of moments from the show along with footage he took while in production.

Blyth created this version as a way to show off his work to other studios, as the full experience could only be had at a Disney theme park.

“Whenever I tried to branch out to do other films in Hollywood,” remembers Blyth, “I’d have to describe my Disney work with a lot of hand-waving, drawing of diagrams, or pointing to photos in albums – simply because I couldn’t show them the film itself.”

“So I created a 3-screen version of the film at my own expense. The resulting video included some highlights, excerpts of the film narrated by Keye Luke as Li Po, as well as behind the scenes footage that we always shot on Circle-Vision productions.”

“Wonders of China” screened at EPCOT’s China Pavilion for over twenty years and also spent a decade at Disneyland, making the film a bi-coastal classic.

Director Jeff Blyth working with the nine-camera Circle-Vision system.

Blyth wrote about his experiences making “Wonders” in his new book “Polishing the Dragons”, which contains over 400 color photos of production! Any fan of EPCOT should check it out!

Jeff also worked with WDWNT on the creation of a “Director’s Commentary” for “Wonders” spiritual sequel, “Reflections of China,” which you can watch now in full 360°!

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