Main Street train station construction walls magic kingdom 12042020

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 12/4/20 (Main Street Train Station Covered In Scrim, Filming For Upcoming TV Special, New Fur Minnie Ears, Tomorrowland Construction, and More)

Hello from a beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom! We were here ready to find all the new, fun things to show you. Let’s get started!


When we arrived at the park, we noticed that there were new construction walls along the railings of the train station.

Main Street train station scrim walls magic kingdom 12042020

Inside the park, we saw that a good portion of the train station was covered in scrim fabric, blocking the interior space from view.


Moving further down Main Street, USA, we noticed planters blocking off portions of the walkway.


The bridge closest to Cinderella Castle was blocked by planters as well.


We peeked behind the planters by Cinderella Castle and found filming going on, presumably for the Christmas special. Filming in both locations lasted all morning, and Cavalcades were delayed in order to not interrupt.


We found a few pieces of new merchandise around the park today. The first new piece was this princess water bottle featuring the new color block castle art that has been popping up on merchandise recently.


This fun water bottle has a large gem for a top, was found at Sir Mickey’s for $14.99.


We found a new addition to the light up character hair fall bows. Aurora has joined the collection, with her crown as her icon at the center of the bow. We found this at The Emporium for $16.99.


If bows aren’t your style, we also found a scrunchie featuring fleece fabric and a Mickey Mouse charm. We found this piece at Star Traders for $9.99.


We found this fun new Limited Release MagicBand featuring Walt Disney and “Steamboat Willie” for classic Mickey Mouse fans. For more pictures and information, check out our full article here.

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Definitely the crown jewel in our day were these fuzzy Minnie ears featuring a sweater bow. We are in love with the fur ears! For more pictures and information, check out our full article here.


While the crowds have certainly not gone back to normal after the holiday week, we did find a long line today that went somewhere we didn’t expect. The line for “Jingle Cruise” was utilizing the queue for the Swiss Family Treehouse today, zig zagging in and out of the small overflow area.


We found a lot of construction updates to bring you today. Work continues on the drained Rivers of America. Resurfacing and leveling is taking place of the riverbed itself, while new track pieces are still being laid for the LIberty Square Riverboat.


At the Fantasyland Railroad Station, the planters have been removed that were blocking guests’ view of the train track area while it underwent refurbishment.


The track has not been replaced at this time, so it is unclear as to why the planters were removed early.


A strip of concrete has been removed from the walkway leading into Tomorrowland on the east side of the Hub, and has been replaced with painted, textured plywood.


As we saw with the construction near the Restrooms and First Aid Station near Casey’s Corner, this type of temporary solution allows work to continue to high traffic areas without the need to shut them down to guest traffic.


Nearby, fresh concrete has been poured to this large patch near the exit of the former location of “Stitch’s Great Escape”. No official word yet has been released about what will be going in this space in the future.


The last of the upper supports of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover are being finished with their final layers of concrete and coats of white paint.


These supports were the last to be worked out, and are therefore the last to be finished, but at the rate that they’re going, will soon be complete.


We had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

  1. Outstanding photos and reporting. Thank you Noelle for being ‘Johnny on the spot’ for those of us who can’t be there right now. I’d love to know more about the strip of concrete that got covered over with the textured concrete.

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