PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 12/9/20 (Open Edition “Nightmare Before Christmas” Pins, Main Street Railroad Station Covered In Scrim, Lighter Crowds, and More)

Hello from a beautiful but cold day at the Magic Kingdom! What better place to take in all the Christmas cheer on a cold day than the Magic Kingdom? We bundled up and kept the hot cocoa flowing while finding all the latest and greatest things at this iconic park. Let’s get started!


While we’ve been used to finding Limited Edition pins recently, we found some new Open Edition pins today. A few Nightmare Before Christmas pins came out today at The Emporium, the first of which was this set featuring Lock, Shock, and Barrel. This set retails for $21.99.


Next, we found this Open Edition Mystery Pin Collection in a coffin shaped box. Each box contains two randomly selected pins. Each box retails for $15.99.


Next up were four individual pins, the first of which was this character pin for $12.99.


Next, we found this Jack Skellington “Misfit Love” pin for $12.99.


Next came this Vampire Teddy pin for $9.99.


Last but not least, we found this Sally pin for $9.99.


This very glittery rose gold glitter Mickey phone case caught our eye today. It was available for iPhone XR/XS Max/ 11/11 Pro Max at Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar for $29.99.


We found a new addition to the Soul movie merchandise today. This youth shirt features a rainbow “Soul Cat” on the front, and retails for $19.99.


Speaking of youth clothing, we found this youth tank top featuring Mickey and Minnie along with some reversible sequin hearts at The Emporium for $24.99.


We found some clothing for adults, too. These cropped hoodies are available at The Emporium for $44.99 each.


We found three new Mandalorian-themed shirts in the MaDe kiosk in Tomorrowland Light & Power Co today. The first two feature chibi forms of the main characters from the show.


The third shirt features comic book-style art of the main characters along with a recognizable phrase from the show. All the shirts start at $29.99.


After doing all that shopping, we were ready to grab a bite to eat, but found that there weren’t a lot of options early in the morning. Even though the park is opening an hour earlier this month, none of the restaurants have shifted their hours to accommodate the earlier opening, meaning that from around 7:30am when guests are allowed in the park to 10am when the first restaurant opens, Main Street Bakery, Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea, and the popcorn stands are the only options for food and drinks.


Next we decided to check in on the ongoing construction projects around the park, and we didn’t have to go very far from the front gate to find the first update. The Walt Disney World Railroad’s Main Street Station has been covered in scrim both inside and outside now, allowing work to be done under cover.


At the construction site of TRON Lightcycle / Run, another large portion of lit canopy is taking shape on the ground, and will no doubt be hoisted up soon to join the main structure.


The Rivers of America remain drained, and work continues on the track for the Liberty Square Riverboat. Track replacement has gone out of sight now, but work can be heard, and old track pieces continue to appear on the bank.


New railroad ties have been added to the track area near Fantasyland Station all the way up to the exit gate for the train platform. The track is still back a ways out of sight near the corner of the seating area here.


We found several construction updates that we did not expect to find today. First, while technically not construction, we found tape lines outside of Big Top Souvenirs. We believe them to be for stroller parking, but they gave us hope for a moment.


We found pavement work going on all over the park today. First we found a spot near Storybook Treats with paver stones being replaced.


Next we found this spot near Cinderella Castle on the bridge. This area is still painted plywood covering missing concrete.


Lastly, we found this spot near the Hub where fresh concrete had been poured. Judging by the cuts in the adjoining concrete, they’re not done in this area yet, but this patch is at least in place.


We saw the Dapper Dans today performing from the trolley car on Main Street, USA, and they were looking mighty fine in their cold weather outfits. We love the scarves!


We noticed that even though it’s the holiday season, it seemed much quieter today, and a lot less crowded. This was Main Street, USA at midday, when it should have been the busiest.


We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom today, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!