PHOTOS: Restaurants Shuttered at Downtown Disney District Due to California COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, Select Locations Remain Open Strictly for Take-Out

With ICU capacity dipping below 15% in Southern California, a stay-at-home order is now in place across Orange County and Anaheim. With this new order, all dining must revert back to take-out and delivery. As of today, Disneyland Resort has now closed all restaurants at both Downtown Disney District and its recently-opened Buena Vista Street expansion.


A sign at the entrance of Downtown Disney District reminds guests that eating and drinking is prohibited on Disneyland Resort property. Do note that the $10 parking fee still applies despite the various closures.


With most restaurants temporarily closing, 350 Cast Members have returned to furlough because of this reduction.


Some Downtown Disney District restaurants can still fulfill carry-out orders, but they cannot be consumed on-property. Marceline’s Confectionery and Wetzel’s Pretzels were both open for carry-out.


If you get ice cream from Salt & Straw, you’ll need to exit Disneyland Resort property and hope it doesn’t melt!


Despite previously set-up outdoor seating, many restaurants have now closed, including Catal, Splitsville Luxury Lanes, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, and Tortilla Jo’s.


Snack and beverage kiosks are open, but guests must still leave before eating and drinking.


Both Starbucks locations at Downtown Disney District, as well as Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe at Buena Vista Street are now closed.


At this time, retail remains open at 20% capacity or lower instead of 25%, as per the new guidelines. It was also announced that Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa would not be reopening as planned this weekend due to the order.

Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street will continue to operate daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM with some exceptions.

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  1. get rid of newsom this is nearly 100% survivable except for hack politicians criminal what he’s doing!

  2. So, I GET the new restrictions, as I work in a business where we have to basically BEG people to wear masks to keep us from huge fines.

    But…like, you spend a couple hours shopping in Downtown Disney, and you can’t even have a sip of water? Are the water fountains shut down? In my casino in Nevada, I have to make sure I’m off-security-camera to take a sip of water (fortunately, I know what the cameras see and don’t see) because both OSHA and the Gaming Control Board will check footage when they check our compliance. It’s ROUGH, and I hate that I am the mask police right now (I do think masks are a good idea, but enforcing it gets old).

    I agree that we need to take precautions under current circumstances, but…are drinking fountains shut down? You can’t drink water through a mask. There has to be some common sense mixed in. Nobody should be told they cannot hydrate themselves.

    I get where Newsom is coming from, even though I think he’s wrong. But I’m also a human who needs water to live. So, am I not allowed to use a drinking fountain, or take a sip from a bottle of water at the Disneyland resort?

    Look, I UNDERSTAND the restrictions. I am in favor of restrictions, under the circumstances. But this one goes too far.

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