PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Rooms Being Completely Gutted for Moana Makeover

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Rooms Being Completely Gutted for Moana Makeover

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Rooms Being Completely Gutted for Moana Makeover

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is currently in the midst of a major refurbishment that will see some rooms re-themed to Moana. While most of the visible construction is happening around the Great Ceremonial House, we got a peek inside one of the future Moana rooms.


Room construction is focused on the Aotearoa longhouse, where you’ll see walls and scaffolding around the staircase.


While the rooms have previously had tarps over the windows blocking the interior from view, several of those have come down.


We can now see that the rooms have been completely gutted, with exposed pipes, steel framework, and concrete flooring.


This definitely indicates the Moana refurbishment is more than replacing some furniture. It looks like every inch of the rooms is going to be new and themed to the 2016 movie.


The second and third floor windows remain covered.


How do you feel about the Moana re-theming coming to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Rooms Being Completely Gutted for Moana Makeover”

  1. There’s been no confirmation of just how much theming will be Moana, yet. The prior information suggested patterns and colors, so that could still be very modest. I do hope it’s modest, but I think it remains to be seen!

  2. Moana is the best they could do? I’ve been to Disney World many times but never cared to see this movie. Why not leave the theming to the island it represents? Waste of time with this stuff that will just cost more at the gate.

  3. I’m pretty excited! I used to not really like that they were doing themed rooms but after staying at one in Port Orleans it was pretty nice. I think a lot of families will be thrilled to stay there!

  4. The Polenesian has always been my favorite. I think it’s exciting and I’m glad they’re given the place of facelift and breathing some fresh new life into it.
    I hope they don’t get rid of the luau. I always put time aside to do the Luau every time I go and I think a lot of people enjoy it so I hope they don’t get rid of that and replace it with something that’s too baby us adults need to have fun too.
    Being a travel agent it’s always been one of my first recommendations the Polynesian because it’s got a great location in a relaxing atmosphere.

  5. I can’t wate till you are open again . The Polynesian is the only Resort I will stay at at Disney World, I had to cancel my 60th anniversary trip in March because it was going to be close for remodeling. Hoping and Praying I will get to come again in the future. Looking good .

  6. We stayed there in Dec 2017 (in the Niue longhouse) and it started to look a bit dated at that time. Some furniture was scratched, flooring in the bathroom was cracked, and the carpet looked like it needed to be replaced.

    Glad to see them tackling this with a large scale refurbishment. I just hope Disney doesn’t overuse Moana IP in the new theming. Guests don’t mind a little IP, but keep it subtle and palatable. The main focus should be to transport Guests to another place and time – not overload their senses with IP.

  7. I’m all for the refurb. The last couple of times we stayed there it seemed kind of like a 1950s South Pacific tourist museum.
    While that can be charming, Walt was always about progress and it is time to progress.

  8. So glad they’re changing this resort. So incredibly dated, smelled musty and old, like a summer camp cabin. 40 years overdue for updating.

  9. Disney is now its own worst enemy. They are destroying the brand & any possible ‘Magic’ that is left. The Polynesian Resort was an Original in 1971 and was a South Seas Oasis. As you destroy the concept of EPCOT, Norway now Frozen, Mexico now Coco, France about to be the Rat, Guardians dwarfing FutureWorld, etc. Now you move films into the resorts, Moana here, Beauty & the Beast into the Floridian. Shame, shame, shame – keep your Film IP on streaming Disney Plus, return the Original Concepts & expand properly, otherwise there will be NO Magic Kingdom, EPCOT World Showcase, Disney Studios Or Animal Kingdom left. Goodbye Walt Disney and his loveable Mouse ~ Hello, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and anything else that will bring in the Almighty American Dollar. My Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren will never be able to realize the dreams I, as an Original Cast Member, helped create. They will all be gone with the Original Disney Magic. Oh, don’t forget to build a new MKC timeshare tower to spoil more views. $$$$

    • Can’t agree more. Spectromagic and night time parades also created the magic. Feeling so commercial now. The beautiful Polynesian lobby was something spectacular that we came to see no matter which hotel we were staying at. The small statue that replaced the majestic fountain and gardens is insignificant. Mr Disney must be turning in his grave. Who remembers all the little things like Mickey shaped containers for kids meals and fab five printed napkins? all of it gone so so sad

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