PHOTOS: Imagineer Jim Clark Shares Hidden StarJets and Grand Circuit Raceway Nods Inside Minnie’s Style Studio at Tokyo Disneyland

In a recent Tweet, Imagineer Jim Clark revealed a couple of awesome Easter eggs hidden within the new Minnie’s Style Studio at Tokyo Disneyland.


From a distance, nothing seems unusual about the paint splatter on the work room wall in Minnie’s Style Studio. Fortunately for us, Jim Clark gave us a closer look!

Image Courtesy of @ImagineerJim on Twitter

In the picture, Clark points out references to the retired Tokyo Disneyland attractions StarJets and Grand Circuit Raceway hidden in paint splatters on the wall.

d23 starjets tomorrowland attraction poster

StarJets was Tokyo Disneyland’s version of the Astro Orbiter that closed down in 2017. The Happy Ride With Baymax now occupies the location once held by StarJets.

PHOTOS: Tokyo Disneyland's Grand Circuit Raceway Cars Being Recycled at Tomorrowland Speedway, Magic Kingdom

Grand Circuit Raceway, also closed in 2017, was Tokyo Disneyland’s version of Tomorrowland Speedway at the Magic Kingdom. In fact, after the ride’s closure, vehicles from Grand Circuit Raceway were spotted at Magic Kingdom.

Have you been able to spot any hidden references to past Disney attractions on your trips through the parks? If so, which ones were your favorites? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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