PHOTOS: Plexiglass Dividers Added to Monorail Platform at the Transportation and Ticket Center

From attractions to restaurants and even aboard Monorails, plexiglass dividers are everywhere when you visit Walt Disney World these days. And now those dividers have made their way outside the monorail to the platform itself, with new plexiglass barriers to the divide the queue and boarding platform for the Express Monorail at the Transportation and Ticket Center.


The dividers, installed on the Express Monorail platform rails, are to keep Guests waiting in the inclined queue separated from those waiting to board the Monorail. The barriers only run down the platform to the gate control area, well past the point where taller waiting Guests would share the same air as those preparing to board.


The dividers are fairly standard, with a metal lower half and plexiglass above encased in a metal frame. The dividers are attached to existing railings.


With Walt Disney World (and nearby Universal Orlando) experiencing high crowds amid the holiday season, any and all improvements to safety measures are certainly welcome at the resort. This change comes just days after the barriers within the Monorails themselves had to be altered due to a fire safety issue.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest news regarding COVID-19 safety precautions at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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