PHOTOS: Tokyo Disney Resort Adds Plexiglass Dividers to Front Row Monorail Seats

Spencer Lloyd


PHOTOS: Tokyo Disney Resort Adds Plexiglass Dividers to Front Row Monorail Seats

Since the Tokyo Disney Resort reopened in July, the second row of front-facing seats aboard the Disney Resort Line monorail has been closed to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. Now, the Oriental Land Company has finally reopened the second row of seats with the addition of plexiglass dividers to prevent the spread of infection.


The barriers are installed both between the first and second row, and between the second row and the rest of the car. Since the Disney Resort Line drives automatically with a conductor in the rear car to control doors and make announcements, Guests are able to sit in the front rows and view the monorail as it travels around the resort.


The curved-top plexiglass barriers are supported by metal rods and rise about six feet high, to protect against standing passengers. Meanwhile, the divider between the first and second rows stands at a bit under five feet high as it’s meant to protect sitting Guests.


The metal rods are very securely bolted to the lower section of the seats in order to prevent these barriers from being removed or coming loose easily.


The rest of the car interior remains unchanged, with Disney Resort Line Cast Members periodically patrolling car interiors to ensure groups of Guests are sitting an adequate distance apart from each other.

With COVID-19 surging worse than ever in Tokyo and the surrounding area, the new plexiglass dividers are a welcome addition aboard the Disney Resort Line monorail. The new plexiglass barriers are installed only on the older Type-X monorail cars at Tokyo Disney Resort. It’s unknown when (or if) these barriers will be removed, especially since all Type-X cars are scheduled for retirement by 2024 in favor of the new Type-C cars introduced this year. But for now, at least more Guests riding the Disney Resort Line can safely sit in the front rows and enjoy the view again!