PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a 2 Bedroom Villa – Lake View at Bay Lake Tower in Disney’s Contemporary Resort



PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a 2 Bedroom Villa – Lake View at Bay Lake Tower in Disney’s Contemporary Resort



PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a 2 Bedroom Villa – Lake View at Bay Lake Tower in Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort sits so close to Magic Kingdom that the walk to the theme park won’t leave you winded. These villas opened on August 4, 2009 as an addition to Disney Vacation Club. We recently booked a 2 Bedroom Villa with a view of Bay Lake, which features two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and sleeps up to nine adults.

Come along on a tour of this DVC villa, starting with our full video walkthrough below:

2-Bedroom Villa – The Common Area

Upon first entering the villa, we head toward the common area. A fun, modern sketch of Mickey Mouse greets you as you enter. You know you’re in a Disney resort!


The small shelf beneath the picture supplies a place for you to stash your keys, MagicBands, sunglasses, or whatever else you want to place there when you’re going to or coming back from the parks.


Dining Area

After rounding the corner, you enter the common area. The first thing you notice is a breakfast nook with a comfortable, cushioned bench and a table.


This table and bench easily seats four adults, maybe more. You may be able to squeeze a larger number of kids, as long as they don’t have a problem elbowing each other.


The square design of the lighting fixture above the table fits perfectly with the modern design of this dining space.


This interesting depiction of Space Mountain in the style of Andy Warhol perfectly ties the modern theme together.

The Kitchen


Right next to the dining area, we found a full kitchen with all the appliances and amenities that you would find at home. Well, you won’t find a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry.


This welcome gift of bottled water, snacks, and a card certainly made us feel at home.


The kitchen almost makes us feel like its time to get to work at preparing a meal. Those cabinets and drawers contain all that you need to create a full and hearty meal. And when you’re done cooking, you have a dishwasher to do most of the work.


These sleek, modern pantries can hold whatever you pick up the grocery store. The tall, thin design almost makes them unnoticeable.


All the appliances are high-quality, steel products that can easily transform whatever you’re cooking into a fine meal. All you need is a bit of skill.


The island gives you more space to cook and serve whatever you create, and you don’t have to worry about staining the carpet with that wood floor. It makes clean-up easy and worry-free.


Here’s the kitchen and dining area from the other side of the room.

The Living Room


This looks like a comfortable place to rest. A sofa and a chair provide comfortable place to relax after a long day in the parks. Also, you’ll notice the Ottoman in the center doubles as a storage space.


The sofa pulls out into a queen size bed, and the chair into a twin size bed. The Ottoman contains the pillows and other bedding. This extra bedding in the living room allows for up to nine guests to stay in this villa comfortably.


To the left of the television, you can see the exit to the balcony.

Dedicated 2-Bedroom Villa – The Master Bedroom

Let’s investigate the master bedroom. Situated on the opposite end of the villa from the second bedroom, this room can offer solace and peace for parents who just want a bit of quiet time away from their kids. Or if you aren’t traveling with children, it could just give you some time away from your roommates.


When retreating to your master bedroom, you’ll notice you have small closet next to the bathroom.


Of course, you can hang your garments and store your belongings here, but take note of your safe. It’s a good place to lock up valuables that you don’t keep on your person. Just be sure to remember the code you use to lock the safe.

The Bedroom


The spacious master bedroom features an expansive king size bed.


To the right of the bed, you can see into the equally spacious master bathroom. Sliding panels can close the room off for privacy.


The bed looks comfortable. The headboard features lattice work of leather that looks amazing.


Another piece of modern Disney artwork above it features Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.


There’s a desk nearby that hosts outlets and USB charging ports.


The dresser features plenty of space with large, deep drawers.

The Master Bathroom

Next, we’ll move to the bathroom.


The master bathroom features a large vanity with one sink and plenty of counterspace. The usual deluxe resort amenities appear here with plenty of cabinet, drawer, and shelf space below to stow away your toiletries. The glass tilework behind the vanity looks beautiful.


The whirlpool provides a relaxing place to wash away the cares, aches, and pains of the day. The jets deliver powerful water massages that refresh the body and soul.


The tub is quite deep, and it opens to the bedroom beyond. You could even stare out the window at the view of Bay Lake as you bathe and relax.


Or you can close the panels and create your own little sanctuary.


The artistic rendering of Cinderella Castle looks amazing. It’s color scheme matches wonderfully to the bathroom.


The bathroom also includes a standing shower.


The shower offers a bench for your comfort while washing. The amenities are set out on the bench.


Two rain shower heads provide a stream from two directions.


Opposite the standing shower is the toilet. A shelf above holds more of those plush Disney resort towels.


2-Bedroom Villa – Second Bedroom

Let’s head to the other side of the villa, to the second bedroom. This bedroom is sectioned off by a door, which can be locked.

The Bedroom


The two queen size beds appear inviting. They don’t feature any headboards, but the pillows and mattress promise a relaxing rest, nonetheless.


The room also hosts a dresser with a television, six drawers, and a cabinet. Also, a couple of chairs with a small table offer a nice place to eat a snack or play a game.


The bottom drawers are quite deep and provide lots of space. The black drawers right above them can hold smaller items. To the right of the television, you’ll see a handle to what is actually a cabinet with three spacious shelves inside.


We only found a telephone on the nightstand. The lack of outlets and USB charging ports disappointed us. Those requiring medical equipment like a CPAP machine may have a bit of difficulty here.


Here’s the view from the window end of the room.


The mirror behind the table and chairs delivers a sleek, modern feel.


The prints above the bed feature modern depictions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The bold colors and cheerful patterns lightens the room.


Look at this stunning depiction of Minnie Mouse. It would be hard not to leave this room with a smile after gazing upon the art every morning during your stay.

The Second Bathroom


Next we turned to the bathroom for this second bedroom. The vanity area opens to the hallway with no doors. A sliding door provides privacy for the toilet and shower.


Tissues, soap, and lotion has been set out for us. The vanity features a single sink along with cabinets, drawers, and shelves beneath it for ample storage.


The large mirror and the overall size of this vanity makes it usable for only one person at a time. Two outlets allow for the use of hair dryers, curling irons, and recharging electronic devices. Just don’t knock your phone into the water.


The rest of the bathroom provides a full shower and toilet. Housekeeping Cast Members have stacked towels and washcloths on the shelf above the toilet.


The glass tilework in the shower looks and feels amazing. The safety bars give you extra comfort in knowing that you can maneuver around the shower without falling.


Three hanging hooks provide a place to hang towels, robes, clothes, or whatever else you want to put there. Unfortunately, we didn’t notice any artwork here, unlike the master bathroom. Artwork in a bathroom provides a nice touch while you’re going through your morning or evening routine.

Closet Space

Immediately after entering through the doorway to the second bedroom, we found a double-door closet on our left.


We opened it to find hanging space with hangers and a place to store luggage, small bags, small strollers, or whatever we purchased in the theme parks or at Disney Springs.


Of course, we expected to find a closet in this bedroom suite. However, a second, larger closet provided even more space.


This huge closet contained more hanging space and hangers along with a luggage rack and plenty of overhead storage space. The amount of storage area provided so far impressed us. Guest should not encounter any difficulty fitting all of their belongings and future purchases in this villa.

2 Bedroom Villa – The Guest Bathroom

This spacious villa has not one, not two, but three full bathrooms. The third is actually the first one you encounter as you enter the villa.


This room functions as a “guest bathroom,” since it isn’t attached directly to a room and is available to everyone, whether they’re staying at the villa or just visiting.


Though it may be the smallest of the bathrooms, it delivers full service with a sink, toilet and bathtub/shower.


Two sets of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths have been stacked nicely on a shelf over the toilet. A hand towel for drying after you wash your hands hangs to the left of the sink.


The usual amenities have been placed on the sink counter, and facial tissues stand nearby for your convenience.


The bathtub is standard in size. Another towel hangs from a rack for easy access.


The shower fixtures appear sturdy and well made. Having three full showers really adds to the comfort of guests staying here. You won’t have to wait too long for your turn to clean up after a long day in the Florida heat.


Right across from the guest bathroom doorway, we encountered a closet.


This spacious closet serves as a common use storage area that everyone in the villa can access. It may be used to hang jackets, store excess luggage, or hide the baby stroller. Of course, there aren’t any hangers, so you would have to borrow those from the other closets.

Dedicated 2-Bedroom Villa – The Laundry Room

Across from the Common area is a full laundry room. This isn’t just a washer and dryer stacked in a closet.


This large utility room with a washer/dryer, ironing equipment, laundry basket, and plenty of shelving is a dream for those who like to pack light and stay long at Walt Disney World.


With a washer and dryer, you can wash and wear your favorite Mickey Mouse shirts over and over. We also like drying out our soaked garments after trudging around in the Florida rain.


An amazing amount of storage space gives you plenty of options when it comes to stacking away baggage. No more will you stack your luggage in the corner of your room and stack a messy mountain of clothes on top!


Dedicated 2-Bedroom Villa – The Balcony View

Finally, we turn to the balconies and their amazing view of Bay Lake. You have two balconies with access from the master bedroom, the living room, and the second bedroom.


During the day, we soaked in the view from the second bedroom balcony. We found the typical two chairs and end table where we can relax after an adventurous day at the theme parks.


The cloud cover and mixture of rain and sunshine formed a rainbow.


Look at how the rainbow seems to descend upon the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort! The picture was almost magical.


In the evening, we rested at the second balcony, which you can access from the master bedroom or the living room.


Naturally, the scope of the view doesn’t change much from this vantage point. We noticed the lit pool and the lights in the courtyard. It presented an attractive photo opportunity.


Bay Cove Pool allows guests to experience a refreshing swim while overlooking Bay Lake. Cove Bar serves wraps, salads, and adult beverages for a picturesque night cap. We simply look on and enjoy the view.


That’s our tour! We’d love to know what you think about the 2-Bedroom Villa – Lake View at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Leave a comment below.