VIDEO: Animals Smash 2020 Pumpkins on New Year’s Eve at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In a new video from Disney, the residents of Disney’s Animal Kingdom are smashing 2020-branded pumpkins, watermelons, and more in celebration of new year’s eve!


As Scott Terrell, Director of Animal & Science Operations at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, says on Disney Parks Blog, the destruction is a great enrichment activity for the animals.

“Enrichment is all about giving animals fresh, unique objects in their environment so they can use their natural behaviors to check it out,” Terrell writes. “When we give them novel experiences in unexpected ways, it encourages them to continue to discover and explore.”

Terrell points out that babirusas love pushing the watermelon down the hill because that’s a natural rooting behavior for them. And black rhinos use their horn to smash a watermelon while also drinking up the juices. The rhino calf featured in the video—who is likely the same one born only a couple of months ago—is learning how to push things with his nose while his horn continues to come in.

How are you smashing 2020 and ringing in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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