5G Cell Towers Being Installed at EPCOT Resorts

EPCOT resorts are receiving 5G cell towers, which is good news for anyone who has had difficulty with cell service during their Walt Disney World resort stay.


We spotted one tower outside our window at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, and several more are scattered around the resort, Disney’s BoardWalk, and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.


While 5G internet is faster, 5G signals carry over a shorter distance than 4G. That’s why there are several towers being installed near each other. The towers are still being wired up, and it’s unknown at this time which carrier will be delivering service through them.

Keep checking WDWNT for updates.

2 thoughts on “5G Cell Towers Being Installed at EPCOT Resorts”

  1. 5G itself does not carry less than 4G. LTE vs 5G are technologies and don’t impact coverage. What does is the frequency being used. 5G does allow for the use of millimeter wave (VERY high frequency) and that type of 5G doesn’t travel very far. But Verizon and T-Mobile are both running 5G with mmWave AND in their other spectrum bands which has almost identical coverage too their LTE in the same frequencies.

  2. Is this so they can start charging for internet?

    “WIFI not fast enough for you? Sign into our 5G network on your phone. We will bill it to your room.”

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