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Adventures by Disney Announces Expedition Cruises to Antarctica & Patagonia and the Galápagos Islands

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring some of the most far-off and exotic locations on the planet, Adventures by Disney has a new offering that might just grant that wish.

Source: PONANT

Beginning next year, they will offer two different Expedition Cruises: one to Antarctica and Patagonia, and the other to the Galápagos Islands by way of Quito, Ecuador.

Source: PONANT

The Antarctica/Patagonia itinerary, departing from Bueno Aires, Argentina, includes a cruise aboard Le Boréal or Le Lyrial with penguin and whale watching, hikes, and an optional kayaking experience. Here’s the official description:

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you explore the infinite riches and natural beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula. Nature takes center stage and unique experiences abound as you hike through penguin colonies, search for pods of whales navigating the waters around you, and share a toast with fellow Adventurers as you glide past glaciers and ice floes. Plus, you’ll kick off your journey to the Antarctic Peninsula with explorations of the diverse landscapes and rich culture of Patagonia, also known as the “End of the World.”

Source: PONANT

Guests can also book an additional four-day Buenos Aires Escape, which allows even more time and experiences in the city, prior to their cruise.


Meanwhile, the Galápagos expedition, sailing on the Galápagos Legend, offers three different routes, each offering adventures around a variety of islands and visits to Charles Darwin Research Station & Fausto Llerena Breeding Center and the volcanic Twin Craters of Santa Cruz Island, as Disney describes:

Unleash your adventurous spirit as you travel on a unique expedition cruise, where you’ll explore the diverse islands and ecosystems of the Galápagos Archipelago. Experience the pristine beauty of this equatorial region where you may get up close with the many endemic species, including marine iguanas, Giant Land Tortoises, sea lions, blue-footed boobies and many more. Choose from 3 different routes, each offers amazing adventure as only Adventures by Disney can provide.

2022 bookings will begin next week for select groups. Below is the booking schedule:

January 19, 2021: Adventure Insiders – previous Adventures by Disney Guests
January 21, 2021: Disney Vacation Club, Disney Cruise Line Platinum and Gold Castaway Club, and Golden Oak residents
January 22, 2021: General public

Currently, 2021 departures have been suspended through March.

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