New Guest Survey Includes EPCOT Arrival and Departure, Mouse Gear Mobile Checkout, and Disability Information

Walt Disney World guests often receive surveys after a visit. The surveys help Disney adjust operations based on guest feedback. We received a survey after a recent visit to EPCOT. The survey provides a glimpse of what Disney may be considering.

Arrival and Departure Experience

With modified park hopping now available, guests are able to visit additional parks after 2:00 PM. However, the EPCOT monorail line has not resumed service. In the recent survey, Disney asks specific arrival and departure questions.


The questions use the same wording and provide the same response options. Guests are asked to consider Disney transportation and Cast Member interactions.

Mouse Gear Mobile Checkout

Mouse Gear was the first Walt Disney World location to offer the mobile checkout service. It seems that Disney is still collecting data on the new shopping option.


Answering “yes” to the initial Mouse Gear question will display the mobile checkout questions.


Disney is also interested in how guests learned about mobile checkout.

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This question hints that the service could expand to theme parks and resorts. It has already expanded to Disney’s Pop Century Resort.


An open-ended response is available. It allows guests to explain why they did not take advantage of the mobile checkout feature.

Guest Disability Information

Questions regarding disabilities are not new, but the location and format of this one is a bit different.


The question was presented at the very end of the survey. Guests are able to indicate mobility, vision, hearing, and communication disabilities.

Like most Disney guest surveys, the latest EPCOT survey also includes questions about entertainment, attractions, COVID-19, and crowds.

Will the survey results lead to operational changes at Walt Disney World? Keep checking WDWNT for the latest updates.